worry about “an increase in tensions”

    worry about “an increase in tensions”

    The facts took place in the middle of the afternoon this Friday, December 25 in the Chantecrit district, in Bordeaux. Shots were fired in the direction of Chante-Grillon park where a group of young people was.

    A 23-year-old man was certainly injured in this attack. He subsequently went to the Bordeaux Nord clinic for a gunshot wound to the shoulder. His vital prognosis is not engaged and he must be heard in the coming hours by investigators according to the Bordeaux prosecutor, Frédérique Porterie. On the spot, the police found about fifteen casings but no suspect was arrested.

    Concern about the “multiplication of tensions”

    Chantecrit was already at the center of an armed conflict in mid-December, opposing residents of this district to that of Aubiers, located two kilometers away. For the moment, nothing in the investigation allows to make a link between the shooting of this Friday and a new brawl between these districts but Amine Smihi, assistant to the mayor in charge of public tranquility, security and mediation, says he is worried about “a certain multiplication of tensions” between these two districts, “without being able to say at this time if this is the case in this event“, he specifies.

    Another concern: the more and more frequent use of handguns, “in a context which, a priori, is not necessarily that of drug trafficking”, continues Amine Smihi. “This could mean that there is a kind of development of these weapons within the framework of brawls over subjects which unfortunately are often quite anecdotal. Most of the acts of inter-neighborhood violence have their origin in quite things. banal like a disagreement around a match, comments on social media posts … and that’s something quite new on which we must collectively mobilize “, he concludes.

    The investigation must now determine the origin of this conflict which shot and wounded a young man on Friday. Another question to which investigators must answer: where do the perpetrators get these weapons?

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