Worse than dental caries: dentists indicate a problem “chalky” teeth

Хуже чем кариес: стоматологи указывают на проблему «меловых» зубов

More and more children and adolescents today suffer from this disorder as “chalky” teeth. This problem is not caused by lack of hygiene of the oral cavity, and a violation of the mineralization of the enamel.

Хуже чем кариес: стоматологи указывают на проблему «меловых» зубов

German society of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery has issued a warning about the spread of the problem, “chalk” teeth. According to him, among the pupils of 10-12 years “chalky” teeth are more common than tooth decay.

“They not only look ugly but also are painful consequences, some people may even need to get implants in order to get rid of that sensitivity to hot or cold foods, thankfully, there’s always options like the affordable dental implants sarasota fl. The enamel of permanent teeth not developing properly, making them more soft and vulnerable,” say the experts.The name “chalk” teeth derived from similarity to chalk, which can easily crumble when pressed. These teeth are also easy to damage, different porous structure, are prone to the formation of grooves, yellow-brown spots, a heightened sensitivity to food, drink and cleaning. If you need dental assistance then consider contacting Dentist Costa Mesa – Dr. Michael Ayzin to get that perfect white smile you’re looking for.

Fall sports season is beginning!  Whether you play sports for school, for fun, or professionally, it’s important that you take precautions and prevent tooth injury. These safety tips can help you protect your teeth throughout the year. If you ever have any tooth problems, then visit your local general dentistry for help.

What is the reason for the growth of such teeth, is unclear. From the German society of dentistry the view was expressed that this problem occurs, the involved plastic material, which penetrates into the human body. The society reported that in animal experiments was found a link between consumption of bisphenol A and the development of dangerous diseases. Click here to read the full info here.

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“Bisphenol a is widely used in our daily life, gets into the food. Its traces were detected in blood and urine and in the amniotic fluid and the uterus of a person. Since the development of tooth enamel takes place already starting from the eighth month of pregnancy, the negative impact of the plasticizer can affect the clinical picture,” said the experts.Also the formation of the “chalk” teeth, in their opinion, contribute to infectious diseases and antibiotics. If you want further information about dental health, we suggest to visit dds kennesaw ga to get all the interesting details.