WP: despite the “friendship” with si, trump signed a law in support of protesters in Hong Kong

WP: несмотря на «дружбу» с Си, Трамп подписал закон в поддержку протестующих в Гонконге

On Wednesday, President trump has signed two laws designed to support the protesters in Hong Kong fighting for democracy. They were a sharp rebuke to China just in the moment when trump predicted that a trade deal with China is about to be concluded.The President did this under pressure from lawmakers of both parties after the close of markets the day before thanksgiving. These laws provide for sanctions against Chinese and Hong Kong government representatives involved in human rights violations and annual review of the state Department’s special trade status granted to Hong Kong by Washington.”I signed these laws out of respect for the President XI Jinping, China and the people of Hong Kong — said trump in a statement made in Florida. — They are put into action in the hope that the leaders and representatives of China and Hong Kong will be able to peacefully resolve their differences, and this will lead to lasting peace and common prosperity”.China opposes these laws, but they enjoy overwhelming support in Congress.The house of representatives voted for the law “On human rights and democracy in Hong Kong” November 20. For it gave their votes to 417 people, and opposed by one. This lone voice belongs to a Republican, Thomas Massie (Thomas Massie) from Kentucky. The day before, for the law voted unanimously by the Senate.Its decision to sign the law trump put an end to the confrontation with the members of his own party, which caused political discomfort. Trump rather vague spoke about how strongly the United States should support the protesters because his administration is negotiating with Beijing on trade agreement. Republican legislators are much more decisive.”You know, Chairman XI: Americans despise tyrants and Express their solidarity with Hong Kong. The whole world sees the courage of the Hong Kongers and the brutality of your Communist party, said Republican Senator Ben Sass (Ben Sasse) after trump signed the law. — While the freedom fighters take to the streets of Hong Kong, the American people will be on their side”.The Chairman of the Senate Committee on foreign relations Republican James Risch (James E. Risch) and ranking Democrat of this Committee Robert Menendez (Robert Menendez) was also issued statements commending the President’s action.”Undoubtedly, the American people support the people of Hong Kong, and the law expressly declares about the Hong Kongers, the international community and the Communist party of China, said Risch. — The law “On human rights and democracy in Hong Kong” is an important step forward, allowing you to call on the Chinese Communist party to task for undermining the autonomy of Hong Kong and the suppression of fundamental human rights. This law was the result of sincere efforts from both parties and both chambers, and I am glad that we came together and unanimously said the people of Hong Kong that the United States stand on his side”.A member of the house of representatives, Republican Christopher Smith (Christopher H. Smith), which became one of the initiators of the bill, said: “to Beat, to torture and to imprison democratic activists wrong, and this historic law makes it clear to China that it is imperative to observe fundamental human rights.”The Ministry of foreign Affairs of China condemned the decision of trump, calling it a “grave interference” in the internal Affairs of the country.”This is a flagrant violation of international law and basic norms of international relations. This is a blatant manifestation of hegemony, which the Chinese government and people strongly reject,” — said in a statement the foreign Ministry of the PRC.Chinese authorities have repeatedly accused Western countries led by the United States in fomenting unrest in Hong Kong to destabilize China.In a Thursday statement stressed that “any foreign nation or power has the right to intervene”.”This so-called law will help the Chinese people, including compatriots from Hong Kong, to better understand the sinister intentions and hegemonic character of the United States. It only further unite the people of China, says this hard statement. — American conspiracy is doomed to failure.”The Hong Kong government on Thursday morning released its own statement in which it strongly condemned both the received law and expressed “deep regret that the United States ignored the sincere concern of Hong Kong about these two laws.”The Hong Kong authorities are closely linked with the Beijing agreement based on the principle of “one country, two systems” that gives the former British colony and the banking capital degree of autonomy and provides democratic rights. Now the protesters say that these rights are under attack from Beijing.The Hong Kong government also noted that the US in Hong Kong have a “huge economic interests” and that any changes to the worst in us economic and trade policy toward Hong Kong would harm their relations and interests of America.”On Tuesday, trump was asked what he would say to Hong Kongers who voted at the weekend for the democratic party in the elections to local authorities.”Well, we are with them,” replied trump. He did not say anything about laws in respect of Hong Kong.”As you know, I have a special relationship with President XI. We approach a very important deal. We can say that it will be one of the most important transactions in the trade. Everything is going well, — said the President. But at the same time, we want to see in Hong Kong all was well, and I think it will. I think, Chairman XI will be able to achieve this. I know him and I know that he wants to achieve it.”Democratic candidates won a landslide victory in the elections to the district councils of Hong Kong, but voter turnout was at a record high.The law led to a diplomatic quarrel, because on Monday the foreign Ministry of China was called the American Ambassador Terry Branstad (Terry Branstad), which has been declared a protest against American “interference” in Chinese internal Affairs. China warned him that if trump will sign the law, followed by our response.Branstad, in turn, told Chinese officials that Washington is concerned about the situation in Hong Kong and opposes government intimidation tactics.Trump said he asked XI to use the army to suppress the protests.In their recent review trump noted that he is careful in a situation with Hong Kong because of the sensitive nature of trade negotiations. And he’s not giving any evidence, said that he personally has saved thousands of people and warned XI that if Hong Kong continue, people will die, it will lead to a breakdown of trade negotiations.Trump had hoped to conclude this year’s major trade deals with China, but the negotiations several times came to a standstill. Now he is trying to negotiate with China at least a partial trade agreement, calling it “the first step”. It provides for the purchase by Beijing of large quantities of agricultural products in the United States. But it turned out that even the agreement to conclude a very difficult.

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