WP: France is closed for immigrants

РГ: Франция закрывается для иммигрантов

Paris police on the morning of November 7 held a large-scale evacuation of a spontaneous settlement of migrants in the North-East of Paris and in the suburbs of the capital Saint-Denis. The camp was located on both sides of the circular route to Porte de La Chapelle in Paris and the neighbouring suburb of Saint-Denis. Populated by immigrants from Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Chad, in the opinion of the Parisians, he was a “hotbed of unsanitary conditions and crime.”The news of the evacuation of restraint shown by police in masks and the empty littered the camp. In these tents and shacks, according to human rights Association “Utopia 56”, lived more than 2,000 people.Five toilets per 1,000 people and mange to bootCamp in the North-East of Paris with metro Porte de La Chapelle appeared beside the reception centre for refugees, which can take only 400 people. Migrants who do not have enough space, waiting for their turn in the camp nearby. In such conditions they are forced to stay for a long time, sometimes years. Tents, cardboard boxes, dirty mattresses, five toilets per 1,000 people, two drinking water fountain. From time to time in the camp is breaking out of an epidemic of scabies.Every morning, hundreds of refugees lined up in a long queue for hot meals, which regularly brought here for charity.“The camp was already down 59 times, but immigrants are returning”Some immigrants fled the night before the arrival of the police, as if warned by someone about the upcoming sweep of the camps. Especially afraid of such raids, those who have no identity documents. While the evacuation was attended by the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo (Anne Hidalgo). “This is 59th the evacuation, and we are afraid that the illegals still go back,” said the Deputy mayor.Many of them will probably come back to this place when the publicity dies down. At the same time, the Minister of internal Affairs of France Christophe Castaner (Christophe Castaner) promised that the law enforcement agencies will do everything to illegals did not come back more at La Chapelle. The prefect of Paris Lalman Didier (Didier Lallement) promised journalists that police would regularly patrol the camp to prevent the return of immigrants.Where did they take immigrants?Buses with refugees were accompanied by more than 600 police officers, which can be called the operation the largest for the last time. To the placement of immigrants selected 15 schools in the region of Ile-de-France. The shelter is primarily intended for families with women and children, of which at least 250. Where you will get the rest is an open question.The November thesesa Day earlier, on Wednesday, 6 November, the Prime Minister of France, Philippe Edouard (Édouard Charles Philippe) presented the abstract for restricting immigration into the country. On the new immigration bill all of October has been some discussion in the national Assembly and the Senate.New immigration policy has identified Emmanuel macron (Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron), stating that “France cannot accept all, if he wants to make worthy.” The immigration bill, which will toughen the conditions of stay of refugees in the territory of the Fifth Republic provides for introduction of quotas on professional immigration, restricting access to free social security for asylum seekers and tougher conditions for acquiring French nationality.“No — medical tourism in France!”The new law will limit access to free health insurance for asylum seekers. Now the refugees can count on it from the date of submission of the application. Because of this, as stated by the health Minister Agnès Buzin (Agnès Buzyn), some migrants engage in “medical tourism” and have come to be treated in France even if I know that I will not get political asylum. Now, the right to insurance they will get only three months after the submission of the application. For those who were refused the right to asylum, the ability to use free medical care will be reduced from 12 to 6 months.One of the most expected measures announced by the French government, was the introduction of quotas on professional immigration. They affect primarily those industries in which the number of vacant jobs exceeds the number of potential employees.Another measure proposed by the Cabinet of Macron, — the creation of three administrative detention centres near Lyon, Bordeaux and Orleans. So French law enforcement authorities will be able to ensure that foreigners who will be obliged to leave France, will not be in the country illegally.The interior Minister of France Christophe Castaner also announced an additional condition for obtaining French citizenship. This will now need to be proficient in French at level B1, not only in speech but also in writing.What say simple French?The surveys conducted in August-September, showed that immigration has become for the French, one of the main. Survey participants believe that the government is not tough enough to curb immigration and the social welfare system is too sympathetic to the “newcomers”.More than half of respondents oppose the right to family reunification and automatic citizenship upon reaching the age of majority for children born in France (52%). And the vast majority of 67% wants cancellation of the Schengen agreements in favor of their own migration policies and the state borders on the lock.According to the French press, the government announced new measures in anticipation of new elections. After five months in France will hold municipal elections in which candidates from the ruling party will face the representatives of the extreme right “National Association”. In 2022, the country will hold presidential elections. Of its intention to participate in them have already declared marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen). And although the official campaign has not started yet, the polls are already calling Le Pen and Macron main candidates to advance into the second round.”For the Makron is the obvious “turn right,” believes France 2 — the President does not want “National Association” had a monopoly on the discussion of immigration. In 2017, the macron believed that a quota system is hard to implement. Now he’s changed his position”.Indeed, this sharp turn in immigration policies Emmanuel macron, two years ago stated that “to accept refugees — it’s an honor and tradition to France” is going to meet the expectations of voters, who usually vote for candidates from right-wing party “National Union” marine Le Pen: of the proposals already repeatedly sounded in the election programs of opposition.

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