WP: trump at a meeting with Putin forgot about prepared statements

The President of the United States Donald trump at the summit with the leader of Russia Vladimir Putimagedata most statements, especially the earlier prepared him for this meeting with White house staff. About it reports The Washington Post.

WP: Трамп на встрече с Путиным забыл про подготовленные заявления

According to journalists, the head of state has prepared more than a hundred pages of material in order to build toward Putin tough stance. But trump refused the majority of such securities.

It is reported that the statements of us President and the summit “very much contrary to the plan” because the environment including Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and adviser to John Bolton, called on trump to be much more rigorous.

Also clarifies that the U.S. President criticized the decision of the American Ministry of justice to present 12 officers of the Russian investigation of the correspondence of the allegations about interference in American elections. Trump allegedly said that such public allegations specifically in order to hurt him from a political point of view.

In addition, Donald trump, according to some opinions, has shown that more than glad to meet with Vladimir Putin than with its NATO allies.

“He liked the summit with Kim Jong-UN. He thinks he can look into the eyes of these guys to flatter them and to conclude agreements”, – says the source of journalists.

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