WP: US ready to impose sanctions on Assad, Russia and Iran for war crimes

WP: США готовы наложить санкции на Асада, Россию и Иран за военные преступления

Three years after landmark legislation providing for U.S. sanctions against the Assad regime, Russia and Iran for past and ongoing war crimes in Syria, was introduced, he is finally adopted by Congress. It is expected that the bill “Caesar” will be able not only to achieve some justice and accountability for victims of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but also will provide the United States leverage to search for a possible political solution to the Syrian war.It is expected that President trump will sign the national defence Act 2020 (National Defense Authorization Act) this week after it had been passed by Congress. With the support of both parties and both chambers of Congress added to the Law on civil protection of Syria “Caesar” (Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act) from 2019, which allows the use of sanctions against senior Syrian government officials, military leaders and anyone responsible for more than eight years of mass atrocities Assad war crimes against innocent civilians and crimes against humanity.In accordance with this bill, the sanctions will also apply to several major sectors of the economy of Syria, a significant proportion of which is occupied by the state and any public or private organization that helps Syrian armed forces or contributes to the restoration of the country — until then, until you ensure accountability and justice for victims of Assad.This means that Russian military contractors in Syria and an energy company seeking to build in Syria’s oil business, can be punished if they in any way help Syria the same applies to Iranian paramilitary forces supporting Assad. The administration of the trump openly supports the law and must ensure its implementation.The law called “Caesar” in honor of the bore this pseudonym Syrian military photographer who defected in 2013 and opened the world more than 55 thousand pictures of torture and murder of thousands of civilians in the infamous prisons of Assad. In these photographs, the authenticity of which is confirmed by the FBI, and which have been shown around the world, reflected only a small part of what Stephen RAPP (Stephen Rapp), then-Ambassador for war crimes, U.S. Department of State called the worst “machine brutal murders” since the Nazis.Caesar, from which four came to Washington to ask for to pay attention to the victims of the regime and to achieve justice for them, told me today that shed tears when they heard about what the bill is about to become law, and with optimism waiting for this moment.”After more than eight years, the victim of the brutality of the Assad regime and their families are one step closer to justice and accountability, he said. — I am grateful to the people of the United States in the face of Congress for the embodiment of the American values of freedom and human rights.”The bill has come a long way. Three times he went to the House of representatives, including one time, despite the objections of the White house Obama, but never was put to a special vote at a meeting of the Senate. Now, when Assad returns control large parts of Syria and the policy of the administration trump against Syria remains inconsistent and chaotic, with this legislation we can try to put pressure on Assad and his partners that they stop their war crimes, including the bombing of civilians, sieges and artificial famine, and attacks on schools and hospitals and many more.”The Syrian people for too long waiting for a while will weaken the brutality of Assad. This law, which we tried for several years to bring to the finish line, could in some way make their lives easier, — said the Chairman of the Committee on foreign Affairs, house of representatives, Eliot Engel (Eliot L. Engel), a representative from new York. The collective failure of the world to take action against domestic violence for eight years-is a black stain on our history. It is impossible to undo the suffering and bring back hundreds of thousands of victims, but we need to do everything possible to achieve justice.”Adam Kinzinger (Adam Kinzinger), a member of the house of representatives from Illinois, a longtime supporter of the bill, told me that Russia and Iran will now face increased costs because of their direct involvement in war crimes of Assad.”Although these sanctions do not put an end to the sorrows and sufferings caused by the war in Syria, and will not return numerous lost lives, the bill “Caesar” sends a clear message, he said. — We won’t close our eyes to these atrocities, and we will make sure that those responsible paid for their crimes”.Behind the scenes of legislation heavily promoted by the Syrian-American non-governmental organization, the so-called Syrian task force for emergency situations (Syrian Emergency Task Force). Its Executive Director mouaz Moustafa (Mouaz Moustafa) told me that the bill is “Caesar” is a step towards accountability, justice and peace in Syria, despite the fact that war crimes are continuing.”As we speak, Assad is committing daily massacres in Idlib, he said. — Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children languishing in his sadistic prisons. What is happening in Syria, are events that “never again” was not supposed to happen and that ignores the whole world. But there is good news — Republicans, Democrats and the administration joined together to focus on the protection of civilians”.The bill also seeks to any international agent, who is trying to help Assad to restore the country until, until it stops killing its own people. This means that the United States can impose sanctions on any international company that helps Syrian energy, aviation, construction or engineering, as well as those who lends money to the regime. This is done in order to deprive Assad of the means to recovery and the other denying the possibility to benefit from it.”The world cannot forget the crimes of the Assad regime and should not normalize relations with his regime, told me Michael mccaul (Michael McCaul), a representative from Texas, ranking Republican of the foreign Affairs Committee of the house of representatives. — The law on civil protection of Syria “Caesar” guarantees that Assad will be treated as an outcast, to whom he is”.And if the administration will bow to this, it could use these new sanctions and to compel Assad, Russia and Iran negotiate in good faith on a political solution that will provide the basics of a decent life for the Syrian people. Despite eight years of failed U.S. policy in Syria, opposition to mass atrocities remains and our strategic interest and our moral obligation.

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