“Writing saved me” –Anne Robillard

«L’écriture m’a sauvée» –Anne Robillard

Major Figure in the literature of the fantastic and the esoteric in Quebec, the novelist Anne Robillard will publish in a few days his 75e book. The output of the fourth volume of the series The Curse of Dragensblöt fact the evidence of both his success and his courage too, because she has continued to write in spite of a dual ordeal : cancer of the colon and the stoma.

Anne Robillard has been operated from cancer, two years ago. She had not spoken publicly. “For me, it was a big insult, in my life, of having colon cancer, so I’ve not really spoken to many of the world. I went with a stoma, that I have baptized Henri, ” reveals the writer, who will be 65 in February.

“When you step out of the hospital and they tell you that you will live a life completely normal… this is not true,” she adds. Now she is better. “I’ve learned to live with Henri. “She intends to write on the topic, in the coming months.

Writing saved her life, she says. “A chance I have it. I’m clinging to my stories, my characters. I went through all the stages of grief, starting with denial. When I announced that I had cancer, I said : come on ! I have not hurt anywhere ! This is my neighbor who operated me. She told me that if she did nothing, in a year, I was dead – I had two cancers in the colon. ”

A 75e – book

Once she felt better, Anne Robillard responded to the appeal launched by its many characters, who wanted to take life. She disappeared in his work of creation. So much so that his 75th book, which happens to be the fourth of the new series, The Curse of the Dragensblöt, will be released on February 12. The other volumes will follow over the next few months.

The Curse of the Dragensblöt, volume 4 : Esther and Isabel
Anne Robillard
Edition Wellan
328 pages.”>

The Curse of the Dragensblöt, volume 4 : Esther and Isabel
Anne Robillard
Edition Wellan
328 pages.

“I’ve done 75 volumes since 2002 ! In 18 years ! “exclaimed she. “These are almost all best sellers. “The Knights of Emerald is its great success series, which sold over 5 million copies. This series was followed by the series The Heirs of Enkidiev and the series Antares, which is 36 volumes in all. “And the people me craving more still. ”


Anne has the feeling that the new series, The Curse of the Dragensblöt, is being lifted the same way. “We feel the same energy. “This new series has nothing to do with the universe of the knights : it is about ghosts and a curse that hits a family of England for over 900 years.

“This series, I dream in 2001, but I never had the time to write it. When I finished Antares, the 36th volume of the Knights of Emerald, I began to write. People stop me in shopping centres to ask me if I’m going to continue to Antares. Yes, but not now : I need to do Dragensblöt, it’s been 18 years that it looked in my head ! ”

The novelist feels very comfortable in its niche – the fantastic genre and the novel esoteric.

“I tried to write “normal” I swear to you ! But I am not able. I like to get people out of their ordinary, day-to-day. ”

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