WSJ: the US has threatened Egypt with sanctions due to plans to buy su-35

WSJ: США пригрозили Египту санкциями из-за планов покупки Су-35

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov. The Su-35. Archival photos ofthe Pentagon and the US state Department in a joint letter warned the Egyptian authorities about the danger of sanctions in case of purchase of Russian su-35, according to the newspaper Wall Street Journal.The information that Russia and Egypt have signed a contract to supply Cairo su-35 appeared in April in the newspaper “Kommersant”, it’s not officially confirmed. According to the newspaper’s sources, an agreement involving the delivery of “over two dozen vehicles” and means of aviation defeat to him in the amount of about two billion dollars, came into force in late 2018, and delivery to commence in 2020-2021 years.According to the Wall Street Journal, sent on Wednesday a letter to the Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo and the Secretary of defense mark Esper tried to convince the Egyptian defense Minister to cancel the deal for the Russian su-35.”A major new deal with Russia at least will complicate in the future the exchange of military information with the United States and American military aid to Egypt”, – quotes the edition of the text of the letter appeared in his possession.According to the newspaper, the letter also contained the threat of sanctions against Egypt.Pentagon officials also personally warned the head of the Egyptian air force about the undesirable consequences of the transaction, according to the material. The publication notes that the signal from Washington coincided with the visit to Cairo of Russia’s defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

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