WT: the U.S. will cut off Moscow and Damascus from the Syrian nefterozhdeny

WT: США отрежут Москву и Дамаск от сирийских нефтерождений

Although Donald trump announced that the United States withdraw its troops from Syria, they decided to leave part of the contingent to protect nefterozhdeny. Moreover, as noted by the Washington Times, to protect them will be from the terrorists and from Russia and from Syria.

US mission in Syria went beyond counter-terrorism operations and now brought American forces into a situation where they may be involved in a collision with the Russian military for control of the Syrian nefterozhdeny, warns the Washington Times.

The next day after trump announced the success of the RAID, during which killed the leader of the IG in the Pentagon said that the fight against terrorists in Syria is not over, and it will lead to the final defeat of ISIS. Because although physically the Caliphate defeated, his ideology is still alive in some areas.In addition, the military testified that the Americans departed from its original objectives in Syria and, despite the efforts of trump’s withdrawal from there, they argue that the American mission now is to protect the most important neturogena the region, not only from ISIS but from all the others, including Russia and Syria.So, Minister of defense Mark Esper asked whether the new U.S. plans to not let the sources of energy of the Russian and Syrian forces, and he answered “Yes.” “We want to provide the Syrian democratic forces access to the resources to guard the prisons, to arm their soldiers to help us defeat the “Islamic state”, — said the head of the Pentagon.Although the likelihood that Russia and the United States will actually be to fight in Syria is quite small, the fact that the tramp gives this script the green light, analysts are concerned about. “Way to conduct foreign policy is very dangerous,” — leads edition of the words of political scientist bill Roggio. In his opinion, is the output of the mission beyond the original objectives.Neturogena Syria at the peak of its activity were given 400 thousand barrels per day, but because of the war their productivity dropped. It is unclear what forces the US and how long will stay in Syria to protect nefterozhdeny, but Esper expects that they will be less than the 2 thousand people that were there until recently.The withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria and the operation of Turkey against the Kurds led to increase of influence of Russia and to what is now the Russian forces are patrolling the Turkish-Syrian border. But immediately after the announcement of the withdrawal of troops trump said the soldiers will remain, to not allow the fighters of ISIS to capture the oil fields. Terrorists use the income from the sale of oil to conduct operations in the middle East and Africa.The us military, however, is not very worried about the probable clashes with Moscow over Syrian oil. According to them, their main mission is not to give the IG to use oil revenues to respond to the murder of their leader.Moscow such attempts to cut the oil regions of Syria condemned. She insists that the US does not have that right, is that the oil belongs to Assad’s government, noted the Washington Times.

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