Wtaer all, who storiesa overpayment for subsidy, powere , to sovereign budget

Відтепер всі, у кого створилася переплата за субсидією, поверне її до державного бюджету

Be called a few more years popl lonely stating scho potrebuyut subsidies lachey nasahist versti population. Although, properly, so I vono Bulo – h orremoval obmezhen number of people. However postupovo power of vlaseros “Pasadena” they are not all of the population of Ukraine, Yak, pewno, I mozhna nazvati finansowo will neblagopoluchnomu.

For data intercessor Director of the Department of social Zahist population Odontal Pachnik, wakoli znyali obmezhennya for priznachennya subsidies for majestic DOPOMOGA to massagista zvernutisya ten times more Rodin than otrimali subside until that hour. S nine yati thousands of domohozyaystv number subsident have virosla to 100 tisyach uprodovzh 2015 rock mayzhe I have 16 RSV – until today.

Varto nakadate scho NIN already duty SMN have norms spodivannya on that Radauti subsidy that plgi.

The chief of management of social Zahist population Sadgrove the district to the Department of social Pratsi TA Zahist population Cernozice msica for Valentina Fedorova poyasnyu scho as, for example, on a gas price, a bull the norm 9 kubiv (without vodonagrevatel) at once won becoming 7,1 Cuba. Schodo heating, norm, given coefcient, for odnopozova budynku Bula 7,252 palavecino plow on square meter. NIN won becoming 5,698. Respectively, of about 100 kubiv bude mensou the norm, Yak priznajut subsid.

Smylie th umovi priznachennya subsid. If as individuals protestatio VCU kotri not pracovali I not utilise, waialea s revenue in one prozacofi least, it has now m priznajut two pojitkov Minami for rozrahunkiv subsid. For rakhunok tsoho I Sensus Rosmer subsid.

– Moreover, if priznachena subsidy, I for rozrahunkiv for, for example, LTI period, Villa one copica and family skladi , a pligovki, then PLGA not naradovatsja. Ie have rozrahunkiv subsidy vsmall 100-vasatkova, but without rahwana ply, the each V. Fedorov.

Overpayment, KOTRA has vinila s subsid, required vdate derjav

Sche odnu Novato, KOTRA already dіє, ” those scho all overpayment KOTRA otvorila pitched in Pershe Travnya for uves opalovani period ago vdesktops from reigning budget. Schodo teplopostachannya there de no lcennik overpayment derjav vdesktops stoval. Schodo getpostcode, people for stymuliuvannia Econom salesas lachey 100 kubiv from penny equvalent – on sogodni TSE 687,9 grown, and the rest vdesktops from the budget. Schodo elektriki, then rachunku salesas 150 Klaatu, and the rest so needless snimaut s rahunku.

– Rozrahunkiv Sumi newyorican subsid, Yak powertotal derjav, vinacasa a formula – from Zagallo Sumi narkomana in opalovani period subsidy to pay for the services centralsewing heating for the entire opalovani period vgnmedia scrip factual marajuana for the services of heat. S gas all over TW W formula, only koristuvacha salissa on rahunku 100 kubiv, – respond V. Fedorov. – If it turns WD my sum, the person from power does not poverty nichogo – won vigarista the entire subsidy. Yakscho scrip s plus, you won poverties to sovereign budget. TSE will wykonujace organization nadavas of the hotel.

Polystrom on Priklad. From raw, Posey 47, 2 square meters, registered one Inca. For the entire period opalovani won spoil gas at 1828 meters kubona. For Zhovten has spoila 161 cubone meter (579 UAH). A social norm to ” zhitlo – 363 kuby, and technically won spoil – 161 CC For October I narhwal 1872,20 grown and zaplatiti won guilty Bula 1026,17 grown. Now Rahula resnitsy – from 1872,20 vdname 1026. It turns, Rosmer subsid becoming 846 hryvnias. A I z Zhovtnia in April. Through those scho Zhovten the CCB Teply, Inca duzhe was ekonomie, he spoila digit less then the gas, at 579 UAH (161 cube). Won small right of zaplatiti obov yazkovo the plot, but, Oskolki subsidy Bula vlcko, I won’t . vigarista, for rakhunok newyorican subsid repaid nastup rozrahunkiv of the month, were not paid thus obov yazkovo the plot. The fact Inca for October were not paid nichogo, after vigarista subsidy LTI period. Through scho I vinili save koshti on rahunku. Acbi won paid sche obov yazkovo the plot, in ne overpayment Bula bi digit blsa.

Have Listopad have women Nagora, Bo won znovu was Economie, 230 kubona meters, that costout 828 UAH. Won znovu nichogo not paid, Bo small koshti on rahunku. A I s msata in will subsidy koshti alisalisa on rahunku through economy.

Have cut Nagorno 55 kubiv (62 grifn), and the subsidy Bula Puteri thousands. Tom for April have ne have vinilla overpayment 1500 UAH. Vaughn , not vigarista. It turns scho Inca vykarystouvac m koshti kotri Boule on rahunku, however, have ne all are vinila overpayment after vigarista won h not to CNCA.

Have to overpay Winkle through economy

People have vinili velik to overpay, after, Yak kazhe V. Fedorov, Bula winter heat, then, people have ekonomili. Sagali nawt have to overpay 10 thousand. For example, person for the whole period otrimali 21 tysyachu subside, and won was ekonomie, I spoil gas 8 thousand, in ne overpayment Villa 12 hundred (100 kubiv I have silisili).

Someone duzhe velik to overpay, not stink Pavin rozregulowany on the whole sum to overpay, and lachey 687 hryvnias. People mozhut vicaretti TSI koshti uprodovzh LTE, for example.

Chernuchy just not razumot, chomu stink Pavin powermate TSI koshti derjav.

– It turns, mi vdavali derjav svoï koshti, and those scho power has given to us, she W I vdela, – obulus bukovynka Natalia Masnyk. The Yak then the essence of such subsidies, if ekonomin koshti all one deruty?

Properly, obulutsa all, after mayzhe VSI chernuchy not Kazuki about meshkantsiv region, trimout subsid.

– On the travnia 2015 rock subsident for Saggar Bulo 400 and NIN h already 4.5 thousands! – kazhe V. Fedorov. – TSE 10 rasv more. And vsogo . 9 tisyach domohozyaystv. It turns scho half SMA trimout subsidy. I navantazhennya on prank zrosla at CIR 10 rasv. I NIN znovu of charge. TSE perform before, scho mi stigma priznati subsid I navti priynyati people. And speaking about those scho h automatic princetonol. TSE for people of all polegchalo, after m more ncadi not need suertecita. And the axis pranca need peredovaia konu the right, to do washing at koinu organzas, KOTRA Nada services, GREP and further. That lachey after, Yak mi atrimana and answers to all of zapiti, zmozhemo priznati subsidy. That TSE so Dovgy.


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