WWII tank crew found in the Rostov region

Танк времен ВОВ с экипажем обнаружили в Ростовской области

In the Rostov region on the border with Ukraine found heavy tank KV-1 times of the great Patriotic war. He was found by members of the search team. And beside him lay the remains of the crew of armored vehicles, reports “Russian newspaper”.

Presumably, the enemy destroyed a tank in the summer of 1943. Most likely, the KV-1 was blown up by an anti-tank mine, which lost in the course. Experts say that the crew tried to recover the machine, but at this point, German dive bombers bombed it from the air.

To establish the history of the tank and dead Soviet soldiers can be on the parts that was discovered on the spot.

Moscow, may have found a shell of times of the great Patriotic war. It happened in the street of Marshal Tukhachevsky. The place of a dangerous find was cordoned off by police. The place was left to the engineers.