Xenophobic act in Rouen: Identity generation under fire from critics

    Xenophobic act in Rouen: Identity generation under fire from critics

    “Ours before the others.” They threw 150 leaflets bearing this xenophobic slogan on the sidewalk. Friday in Rouen, members of the Meltinerie association distributed solidarity soup in front of their premises. “Thirty minutes from the end, we saw seven activists from Generation Identity enter, stick two posters, throw papers and leave”, says Elie Montreuil, president of the association. The proceeds from the sale of this dish concocted by the Rouen chef Olivier Da Silva, the proceeds of which were intended for two associations helping migrants. Unbearable for far-right activists. “We will donate everything to the association” For a better future “and to the” Network of solidarity with migrants “”, specifies Elie Montreuil. And to add, annoyed: “It is above all a great communication coup for them, it gives them visibility.”

    Friday a little before 10 p.m., a “Norman identity and rooted” posts the video of the action on Twitter in a happy fashion. His Twitter profile links to the Telegram account of Génération identitaire (GI) Normandie.

    Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, the mayor (PS) of the Norman city, also condemns the action: “Hatred has no place in Rouen. It is a manifestation of solidarity and the hatred of fools and mediocre need not be there ”, he denounces to Release. The small group is not at its first racist and xenophobic provocation. Following the assassination of history-geo professor Samuel Paty, Rouen activists marched to demand the dismissal “Islamists outside Europe”. In June, members of GI had occupied the mosque in Poitiers, others had deployed a banner on a roof in Place de la République demanding “Justice for the victims of anti-white racism. # WhiteLivesMatters” during a march for Adama Traoré in Paris.

    “We are in a society that is becoming more and more divided, depores Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, the mayor of Rouen. As a local elected official, we cannot dissolve this association, but we work to promote openness to others, to fraternity. ”

    “Identity generation separates France in two”

    Following Friday’s action in Rouen, the National Observatory of the extreme right on Monday requested the dissolution of Generation Identity from the Ministry of the Interior. Joséphine Delpeyrat, secretary general of the institution, launched a petition already counting more than 800 signatures. “Identity generation separates France in two. We see their actions multiply, actions anything but legal in our eyes. Do we have to wait for these people to kill? ” she is indignant.

    “After their passage, we just picked up the leaflets to throw them away”, says Elie. For the president of the Meltinerie, Génération identitaire did not in any way spoil its solidarity action. The money collected from the 113 soups sold will indeed support migrants. When contacted, the Génération Identitaire activists did not respond to our interview requests.

    Elise Viniacourt

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