XFL Vince McMahon continued

XFL: Vince McMahon poursuivi

The former commissioner of the defunct football league, XFL, Oliver Luck, has started legal action against his former boss Vince McMahon.

Luck argues a termination unjustified of his contract, according to a new reported by the web site sports The Athletic.

Documents of court would have been filled last week by Luck in the State of Connecticut. This recent development comes as the XFL has suspended its operations, there are a dozen of days, to finally declare bankruptcy.

Remember that the former commissioner is the father of quarterback Andrew Luck, while McMahon is better known for his role as mastermind of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Hired by 2018 to relaunch the XFL, Luck would reach at least $ 20 million to fill this position for several years. However, the pandemic of sars coronavirus has cut short the operations.

The new version of the XFL was playing its first campaign in 2020, she who had briefly existed in 2001. The calendar was originally scheduled to include 10 weeks of the regular season and the playoffs. This crisis related to the COVID-19 has, however, put an end to the games after the fifth week of activities.

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