XI Jinping: both sides should adhere to mutual respect (Xinhua)

Си Цзиньпин: обе стороны должны твердо придерживаться взаимоуважения (Синьхуа)

13 Nov local time here the Chinese President XI Jinping held talks with President of Brazil Jairam Bolsonaro.XI Jinping said that last month Air Bolsonaro made a successful state visit to China, during which the parties reached consensus, are now being actively enforced. During the just-concluded second China international import EXPO (CIIE), the business volumes of Brazilian exhibitors increased 4.6 times compared with the event last year, which was an encouraging achievement. China and Brazil are the largest countries with the emerging markets in Eastern and Western hemisphere, which have a wide range of common interests. According to XI Jinping, the parties are predicting good prospects for the development of China and Brazil, full of confidence in Sino-Brazilian cooperation, China is ready to share with Brazil the experience in development to share the results of development and realize common prosperity. XI Jinping stressed that is willing to work together with the President of Brazil, to control and direct the development of bilateral relations.He stressed that China and Brazil are major powers, so both sides need to maintain strategic commitment, adhere to mutual respect, the relationship to each other on the basis of equality, to strengthen contacts and enhance mutual trust. He said that it is necessary to open each other’s markets, explore the establishment of long-term, stable and direct routes of supply of such basic goods as agricultural products, iron ore and crude oil. The Chinese side supports the active participation of their enterprises in the infrastructure construction in Brazil to promote interconnectedness. According to the Chairman of the PRC, it is necessary to promote cooperation in areas such as digital economy, the connection of new generation, materials technology and biotechnology. He also expressed preliminary congratulations on another successful launch of the Chinese-Brazilian satellite remote observations of the Earth’s resources that will be made in the near future, and called for joint promotion of further cooperation. XI Jinping said that the need to expand cultural exchanges, to facilitate contacts between experts of the two countries. The Chinese side supports the efforts of the Brazilian government to combat disasters in the Amazon rainforest, is convinced that the Brazilian side is able to overcome the disaster. He noted that joint efforts are needed to promote the development of comprehensive exchanges and cooperation between China and Latin American countries, firmly uphold multilateralism, to create a global economy of open type, and also to protect the rights and interests of countries with emerging markets to legitimate development. The Chinese side supports Brazil in the meeting of leaders of the BRICS countries, which will be held in the near future, and are willing to work with all parties to make this meeting successful, said XI.Air Bolsonaro noted that not long ago he made a successful visit to China, during which both sides reached many agreements regarding the development of Brazilian-Chinese relations. He added that he had instructed the relevant departments as soon as possible to implement the agreements reached. China is a great country, which plays a crucial role in the world and the largest trading partner of Brazil, he said. Bolsonaro said that the Brazilian people admire the Chinese people, to nourish feelings of respect and friendship, the Brazilian-Chinese cooperation every day is all the more important for the future development of Brazil and China. According to him, the Brazilian and Chinese economies have strong complementarities and areas of cooperation are constantly expanding. The Brazilian side welcomed Chinese enterprises to invest in Brazil, as well as strengthening cooperation in infrastructure construction and energy such as iron ore, oil and gas, said Bolsonaro. He stated that the Brazilian party attaches great importance to the important capabilities, which bears the opening of the Chinese market, hoping to expand bilateral trade, facilitate the ingress of more of Brazilian agricultural products in China. In addition, the Brazilian side is also ready to provide favorable conditions for Chinese enterprises and products imported to Brazil. The President of Brazil noted that his country is ready to take measures to facilitate, to promote international and humanitarian exchanges between the two countries. Bolsonaro thanked the Chinese side for its support in holding the meeting of the leaders of the BRICS countries, and expressed willingness to work with all parties to strengthen coordination and cooperation, and to promote the achievement of positive results of the upcoming meeting.Air Bolsonaro also thanked China for the trust and friendship toward Brazil. Brazilian side in terms of a long-term perspective, attaches great importance to strengthening and expanding cooperation with China, deepen the traditional friendship for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries.After the talks, the two heads of state met with reporters and was present when the exchange of bilateral documents on cooperation.