Xiaomi is preparing to release an inexpensive e-book

Xiaomi готовит к выходу недорогую электронную книгу

Xiaomi is going to launch its “tentacles” in a new niche electronic products. This time we should see the device for convenient reading of electronic books — the eBook Reader. It has to compete with the popular “reader” — Amazon Kindle.


On crowdfunding platform Xiaomi — eBook Reader will appear on November 20. The initial cost for Chinese buyers 579 yuan (~ 83 $), for after, already with the appearance in the sale, the device can be purchased for 599 yuan (~$85).

Technical parameters of the device will be equipped with black-and-white E-Ink display, pixel density of 212 PPI. This will allow you to read a book even in bright sunlight, it will provide a sort of anti-reflective coating. Adjusting the brightness of the display has a 24 degree dimmable, so that is to adjust the brightness you like being indoors and outdoors.

Xiaomi готовит к выходу недорогую электронную книгу

Processor from Allwinner has four cores and a maximum clock frequency of 1.8 GHz. Combination memory: 1 GB of RAM and drive 16 GB.

The autonomy of a battery — 1800 mAh, it is enough for weeks of use of the reader without recharging. For charging the USB Type-C. Another positive factor is the relatively light weight eBook Reader is just 178 grams.

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