“Yandex” has started testing its own social network

“Yandex” returned to the market of social networks with the project “Yandex. Aura”.

"Яндекс" почав тестувати власну соціальну мережу

Russian search engine “Yandex” has started testing a social network “Yandex. Aura” that allows you to find friends with the help of artificial intelligence technologies. About it reported mass media with reference to the employees of the company. Later information was confirmed by the press service of “Yandex”, informs Rus.Media.

As stated in the press service, the service will help you to find people with similar Hobbies and environment. Search the system will enter the use of machine learning, neural networks, and other technologies of the company. Also “Aura” to be tailored to the geolocation of users.

As reported on the promotion page of the service users who were among the first icon of “Aura” for the search string. If not, then it is possible to get the invitation from her party.

In “Yandex. Aura” will be news. To put “like” any entry can be, if you scroll it to the right. Records that gain the greatest number of “likes” will rise to the top and become available to a larger number of users.

“Yandex” has previously developed analogue of a social network – a blogging platform. ru”. The service was launched in 2007 and in 2009 was included in the four biggest platforms for bloggers of Runet. However, as the decline in the popularity of the blogosphere and the growth of social networks, the audience of service in the early fall. In June 2014, “Yandex” closed “Ya. ru”.

In 2007 Yandex has also acquired a professional social network “My circle”. Later it was turned into a platform for posting jobs. And in 2017, it became known that employees Mail.ru Group and the representatives of “Yandex” jointly developed social network at Once, which allows you to share photos and simple status, describing everyday actions.