Yanni Gourde confined… in Florida

Yanni Gourde confiné... en Floride

The period of confinement seems to be a little less difficult for some people, as for the attacker of the Tampa Bay Lightning Yanni Gourde.

A native of Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage, in Lotbinière, Quebec has chosen to remain isolated in Florida during the crisis.

“It is still in Florida”, to launch the young man, smiling, during an interview conducted at the show Salut Bonjour weekend. The temperature is ideal, so we can play outside with my little girl. I also do cycling and rollerblading. Many outdoor activities are available to us, fortunately.”

A united group

Obviously, the current pandemic is forcing skaters to remain away from their teammates. This aspect of the crisis is more of a challenge for players, who are accustomed to the life of the group.

“We have a group in which you are writing every day. Everyone remains in contact. The situation is really bad. Except that it should be noted that the priority remains the health and safety of everyone. For this reason, I believe that the national League has taken a good decision by suspending its activities.

“That said, we should, as players, to stay ready and in shape for a possible return. We had a great team and it would be very interesting to see this team in the playoffs.”

A lower

Prior to the suspension of activities in the NHL, Yanni Gourde claimed 10 goals in 69 games.

This is a decline in production rather clear when we compare these figures to those of the two previous seasons, where the Quebecois had scored 25 and 22 nets.

He thought often of his stats down?

“This is sure to decrease the production, it’s played out in the head a little bit. It plays on the moral. At the same time, I was assigned a role a little different this year, then it was to be expected that my production is decreasing.”

Bring the energy

It is not necessary to believe that bottle Gourd is disappointed in all aspects of his game.

“When I’m at my best, I bring energy to the team and it is positive. I can change the momentum when the games are going less well. If I fill my role properly every night, I think I can be satisfied with what I bring to the team.”

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