Yavol, sprechender! Or the conversation with the Ombudsman about the move

Яволь, шпрехенфюрер! Или разговор с омбудсменом о мове

Appointed the Ombudsman for the protection of the Ukrainian language Tatiana Monakhova said that at home or in personal correspondence a citizen of Ukraine can use the language at will. But if he will return to power in a national move, will answer on all severity of the law.From news feedsLanguage will lead to Kiev.Proverb
Oh, lady with the name Tatiana!
Our mentor recently.
MOV drown you zealously,
Like movny attorney.

Threaten executions and fines
Those who forget the essence of the law,
Openly, boldly and without fear
Speak: “from here”, “is”.

And for those who are groaning, say, error,
(Are you deprived you God!)
You answer with a smile,
The country, giving my lesson.

– What is so thicken the paint?
In the silence, closing the door,
Read Pushkin, whether weasel!
Power not such a beast.

Whisper to the wife under the blanket
Inoyu movoy? Please! Pliz?
At beds to go we ought not.
In the darkness of night – every whim!

But if you came to power
With a tearful plea: “Protect!”
Or in a hospital bed with a chiropractor
To health looking for ways,

Or want a job
On the Fatherland to get
Then with diligence and hunting
Gerzmava should be taught.

And who will go against the law,
Then do not cry and shout –
Will report back to me on the phone
Inspectors and informers.

The official sweet broadcasting,
But there is one remark:
Power do not protect us,
And does not cure long ago.

Go and buy a medicine!
And if not them, lie in a coffin.
And your Kingdom
As far as possible did not go b?

Looking for a job abroad
Salary in zlotys and rubles.
And Ridny Krai we can only dream
In neighboring Poland in the fields.

So, dear Tatiana!
Defender language society dear!
The power we need another,
And with it the language of the other.

The language of love and respect,
Not threats and not hatred.
The people suffer humiliation,
And there – long before the troubles.

Has always been an international melting pot
PoA our lovely country.
And the coercion is the wildness.
As you wish, MOV choose!

Here Goebbels was a (whale of a culture).
He yelled: “Down!” and “Fetch!”.
And he had sprechender,
Like rubber on you.

A friend of mine with a sad note
Sighed: “Lose meaning and connection!
Why only idiots
Responsible for the power?

Swim! Swim! After all, no urine!
Will come the light years?”
But I said our source
Will not dry out ever.

Artist Ilya GELD

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