Yavorsky: the Weather has helped us to stop the Brazilians of Shakhtar

Яворский: Погода помогла нам остановить бразильцев Шахтера

— Before the game believed that today will be able to get a draw?
— Yes, today was unbelievable. Even before the game we discussed that we need to take points.

— Why today?
— Weather conditions and pitch were not “Brazilian”. Expected that the field will help us.

— But Shakhtar’s match with Manchester city in midweek helped you today, it is obvious that the Pitmen gave a lot in England?
— Yes, of course, the game against city somewhere affected, but on the other hand, Shakhtar are already used to playing in such rhythm, and from Manchester they came in a good mood. I know for myself that a positive attitude helps to recover.

— The time penalty what can I say, as breaking the rules Polehenko clearly did not agree with the referee?
— If I were a referee – also would put a penalty. Linnet wisely took a penalty, but the initial contact all the same was. Can hardly have any claim to the judge at this point.

— Sergei, after a missed ball on 15 minutes it was not fear that Shakhtar will simply be swept away?
— Honestly, for the guys it was obvious that the goal is on the contrary opened up. Hold 0-1 no sense, and who cares how many have to lose 0-1 or 0-5. After conceding a goal, was : “what if.” During the break, too, talked about what we need to push and succeed.

— A quick goal in the second half confused the cards Shakhtar?
— Yes, you correctly noted this point. But, minutes to 75, and that anyway the game was on a collision course. We didn’t cling to their gate after 1-1, and even wanted to threaten on a more successful result than hell. But thanks for that, happy to even draw.

Once Arsene Wenger promised to erect a monument in Donetsk “metallurg” if he take away points from Shakhtar. They deserve “Mariupol” this draw?
— (laughs) Evil tongues always say something. I’ve read online rumors that “Shakhtar” just did not need this season. We ourselves two hours, mutilated on the field that someone said that “Shakhtar” it is our master’s shoulder points, because you see, if they do not have – nonsense. And championship have long, the same Shakhtar are facing clashes with competitors in the top six, because they are points, I think, still not a bad idea. Only stupid can say that! All this talk about the farm club is also interesting, that is, if we lost the Dynamo 3-0, and Shakhtar took points – we are now the farm club “Dynamo”?

— What will give those people who didn’t believe in that “Mariupol” will ever be able to take points from Shakhtar?
Yes I can send. If the person does not believe in truth and justice in football he will prove nothing! And the people inside understand the value of winning, know how hard it is and expensive.

— Say something about the fight for 6-th place in the Premier League?
— We are equal opponents, with Olympique de Marseille. “Dnepr-1” and “ear” for the first time, because of this, I think that the main fight we will have against Marseille. I would like this fight to win and be in the top six.

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