Year Tomos

Год с томосом

© press-service of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo PalinchakOrthodox Church in Ukraine celebrates the first anniversary since the establishment. The mood of celebrating Ferial. And the blame for this not only is not Christmas weather. The most frequent greetings with the fact that the Church existed for a year and have not lost thomsonone for concern is — the primates of Jerusalem and the Albanian churches and a number of other bishops require a pan-Orthodox Council, in particular, to address the issue of ptsu. And in may this year said that the DNC could lose Tomos, if you do not retain integrity.

Ah, Yes. About the integrity. Bishops ‘ Council of the DNC has called for “reconciliation and cessation of self-isolation, establishing warranty provisions honorary Patriarch” Filaret. If UAOC quietly self-destructed, showing a gap of pattern in Ukraine in uniting the two parties usually turns out three of the UOC-KP continued to fight for their independence.
One of the problems with the creation of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church under the control Fanara, even the first time around, when Yushchenkowas the ambition of Filaret. He wanted to be the Primate of a new Church and it was in the status of the Patriarch. Well, Patriarch Bartholomew wanted the Ukrainian Church remained dependent on him personally. Such a strong and independent politician, as Filaret, the head of this Church he was not satisfied.

Poroshenko, unlike Yushchenko, he is a strong politician. He was able to persuade Filaret to cut back on their ambitions and remain sopredsedateli with the title of honorary Patriarch. Filaret, in fact, is no stranger to absurd positions and ranks. Prior to that he was Deputy of the Patriarch. Moreover, while his wife was “mother”… Well, people not paying attention to all these conventions.

One way or another, but it was all done. Filaret agreed to dull ambition, ptsu was established and received the Tomos… But then everything went like always. “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”. Poroshenko without ptsu no rating benefit from the project came out. Filaret immediately sprang, the more the expected result from the creation of the PCU was not.

The meaning of the concessions made by the Patriarch, are to the decency to wait until the Church does not recognize, and then fight to become a United Director and real, and not a self-styled Patriarch. But it all went wrong.
First, DNC has not received the recognition on the part of most Orthodox churches. Recognized it only three churches, and to the primates of the Greek and Alexandrian churches their bishops put pressure, considering the position in relation to ptsu wrong.

Secondly, no mass transfer at the PCU of the UOC did not happen. However, the leadership of the DNC was counting on the transition due to the recognition of world Orthodoxy and support of the state, which was preparing to put a raider seizure of the parishes on an industrial basis. But the first question summed Bartholomew, and the second — Poroshenko.

Filaret, making sure to wait for recognition and the influx of new believers can be a long time, and he was already 90 years old, from PCU came and restored the UOC-KP. The head of the DNC, Metropolitan Epiphanius immediately said that Filaret — “hand of the Kremlin”.

Very typical for the whole Ukrainian politics touch. It is clear that people rarely plead guilty, preferring to blame someone. In the case of Ukraine is universal “someone” is Russia. So in this case.

Generally this option is chosen purely by instinct, but Epiphanius even have proof you were looking for, although the intervention of the Kremlin does not require proof. Because “the whole world of the FSB, and the people in it agents”. In order to prove the commitment of Filaret to the ideas of “Russian world”, it is enough to remember that he was the Locum Tenens of the Patriarchal throne and the candidate on a post of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.
By the way, almost certainly became Patriarch, Filaret would have been consistent and active supporter of the “Russian world”. As before, being Patriarchal Exarch of Ukraine, it is the iron hand to prevent all the arguments about the independence of the UOC. Another thing is whether the “Russian world” such unprincipled allies?

In fact, if someone in this situation is guilty, not the Kremlin and Filaret, and the Epiphany. He willingly received ordination from the defrocked Philaret’s anathema. The latter, incidentally, his status not only does not hide, but flaunts them even showing their real attitude to the Epiphany, and Bartholomew. Well, gentlemen, you know who to contact…

In General, the hierarchy of the DNC, there is reason to worry. And rejoice is exactly the fact that they have survived at least this year. And even support the state Department position ptsu is not easy.Vasily Stoyakin

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