Yekaterinburg police will check children’s drawings on the promotion of homosexuality

Moscow. 29 Nov. – Yekaterinburg police organized a check on the message of the drawing competition held at school No. 115 in the framework of the day of tolerance: according to local media, on the children’s posters were drawn by same-sex couples.

The press-group of management of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the city reports that law enforcement officials would study the posters on the grounds of sex discrimination and the promotion of homosexuality.

“Currently in the process of checking the police seized 17 figures, the audit will be a procedural decision”, – stated in the message of Ministry of internal Affairs.

According to the Department of education of Ekaterinburg, the competition was held in school from 12 to 17 November. The children presented 17 works.

“In some of his works depicted a rainbow – the symbol of purity, of childhood, of friendship, symbolizing the unity of the peoples. Children drew the sun, the earth, the flowers, children of different nationalities, the flags of different countries”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the exhibition was drawing, “promoting non-traditional values.”

According to the Department, with the teacher given a lecture. Also the situation connected psychologists who are available to advise children, parents and teachers.