Yellow violet leaves – what to do, how to care for it?

If yellow leaves and violet – begin properly, transplanted and yellowing gradually disappears.

Жовтіє листя фіалки – що робити, як доглядати за нею?

Violet room (other names: Saintpaulia, uzambarskie violet) – great home decor, making a cozy, simple interiors, but the plant pleases our eyes just as long as it blooms and its leaves have a healthy appearance. What if the yellow leaves of violets?

To return a decorative favorite potted plant if when the first changes in the leaves carefully to begin to care for violets. Its leaves are like signals that there is a problem. Your task – to understand why violet is ill, because the treatment will not be effective without addressing the causes of stains, yellowing or discoloration, informs Rus.Media.

Why begins to turn yellow the leaves of Saintpaulia?

Beginner gardener is that he has yellow leaves violet, will only blame your little experience. In half of the cases this is true, but also experienced gardeners, this happens because the yellowing may be due to physiological problems, and infectious diseases.

We need to understand what physiological changes occur due to improper care and transplantation. Infection occur only on weakened plants, so knowing how to care for violets will not only help to maintain a good appearance, but also prevent the infection of the plant.

You should be alerted to identify problems at the initial stage? Due to the fact that Saintpaulia do not belong to undemanding houseplants, every day I find a few minutes to carefully study indoor Pets.

Looks like a healthy, blooming violet:

  • Leaves collected in the correct form of the rosette which are located flowers.
  • Their position is horizontal only, the benefit of raising is excluded.
  • The flower that does not bloom, the leaves must also be horizontal only.
  • Color – intense, from bright green to dark green.

The appearance of plaque, discoloration, dryness on the edges of the warning signs. If the leaves are raised with at least one hand – are the signs of improper care for sanpolo.

Жовтіє листя фіалки – що робити, як доглядати за нею?

Causes yellowing of the leaves of violets can be the following:

  • the natural process of aging and withering away of the lower fragments;
  • diseases, insect-pests;
  • bad place to put pots;
  • incorrectly chosen soil for plants;
  • noncompliance with the regime of watering and feeding.

Attention! Fans of the violets have a large collection of plants in the interior, and any new instance strive hard to place with other flowers, what to do is strictly prohibited. Purchased the violet needs to go first 10-15 day quarantine.

Under the quarantine, it is understood that the plant will be kept separate from other indoor plants, it will be intensive supervision. If new violets have a problem, then two weeks, and disease and pests will occur. Due to the quarantine turns out to avoid many problems, because a sick plant can infect an entire collection of violets.

Yellowing of the Saintpaulia-the depletion of the soil

Often yellow leaves of violets on the lower tier – what to do, what is the reason? If violet is a long time not transplanted, it starts to miss power and lower tiers first begin to react to it and wither away.

Жовтіє листя фіалки – що робити, як доглядати за нею?

To correct the situation will help transplant Saintpaulia. For this reason, you should never take cuttings for propagation of violets from the lower part. Yellowing of the leaves of violets is taken in transplanting if the soil is a sufficient amount of potassium and nitrogen.

It is important for gardeners-beginners! Not to tempt fate and do not prepare the soil yourself, better buy a special primer for Saintpaulia.

Common causes of withering plants – the soil in the pot lost acidity, and nutrients do not dissolve in an alkaline environment. The situation is corrected by replacement of the soil. If it is not possible to do it quickly, violet begins to descend slightly acidic water (a few grains of citric acid or a few drops of vinegar in a glass of water). This acidification of the soil – always a quick help in the case of what to do when leaves turn yellow violets.

What external factors and what is the impact on the leaves of violets?

Yellowing, appearance of spots on the leaves occurs:

  • Due to the excessive lighting – sunlight and artificial. Bright light in any form is harmful for this plants. Get a special film on the window to protect the flower from sunlight. Please note that Saintpaulia with dark leaves the most persistent.
  • In the case where in winter the leaf plate in contact with the cold glass. Make sure the pot is not standing on a cold surface of the window sill.
  • At 25°C irreversible process begins with the stems of the plants. In the summer be sure to move the flower on the South side of the North sill.
  • The location is in a draught or in a cold corner. To plant destructive and high temperature and low.
  • Insufficient watering and moist air, therefore the leaves of violets does not yellow if next door was a container of water.

Is it possible to spray violets? Absolutely not, because the humidity is not increased efficiently this way, and the appearance of the flower deteriorates. Leaves with water drops in the sun become a focus for the rays – as a result they are burned, the formation of brown spots.

If the surface of the leaves accumulates a lot of dust, it is common in this case, the spraying can be replaced by ablution. Prepare soapy water and rinse it dirt. The procedure is done in the bathroom and the plant is not issued until it is fully dried.

Disease room Saintpaulia

Consider the two main types of infectious diseases in indoor Saintpaulia.

Жовтіє листя фіалки – що робити, як доглядати за нею?

  1. If violet is watered improperly, is not good enough place, its soil depleted, it weakens that causes the stems and roots occurs rot. Such plots quickly penetrates late blight. The pathogen is transmitted it with the soil, so before replacing any soil, even the shop must be disinfected.
  2. No less dangerous mildew. The violets she starts with a white plaque and for a fairly short period of time the plant dies. Quick treatment is effective on non-running instances. To cure violet of powdery mildew is possible with the help of special tools. In the early stages is removed by spraying with a solution of soda and soap.

Attention! Never take cuttings from diseased violets. If the yellowing leaf due to improper care can recover and become good, then the instances of infection are doomed.

Жовтіє листя фіалки – що робити, як доглядати за нею?

To summarize. If leaves turn yellow violets – what to do not a problem if you do not comply with the conditions of its placement. Start properly, transplanted and yellowing gradually disappears. From this plant problems on other colors is not transferred, but if you suspect late blight or powdery mildew, sick Saintpaulia quickly removed from the healthy specimens. Maybe its you and not cure, but at least the other violets do not infect.