Yemen: separatists declare autonomy in the south, the peace agreement broken

Yémen: les séparatistes déclarent l’autonomie du sud, l’accord de paix rompu

The separatists in Yemen have declared Sunday the autonomy of the southern part of the war-torn country, breaking the peace agreement with the government, and complicating its long conflict with the rebel Houthis who control a large part of the north.

The transitional Council of the South (STC) has accused the government of not having fulfilled its obligations, and of “conspiring” against the cause of the South, and declared that autonomy had begun at 00: 00 in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

“The STC said the autonomy in the south from midnight on Saturday 25 April 2020, and a committee of self-will start its work on the basis of a list of tasks assigned to it by the presidency of the Council “, said the separatists in a press release.

The rupture between the former allies comes as the coalition led by saudi Arabia, which supports the government which is internationally recognized in its battle against the Houthis, has extended a cease-fire unilateral aimed at curbing the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The Houthis have rejected the peace agreement. The fighting still exist in this war-ravaged country, which has caused what the united Nations has called it the worst humanitarian disaster in the world.

Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed over the past five years in the war between the government and the rebel Houthis, supported by Iran.

The separatists south of Yemen, engaged since a long time for independence, have signed a power-sharing agreement in Riyadh in November, which put an end to a battle for the South, which had seen them take control of the country’s second city, Aden.

The pact, however, has been quickly outdated, due to the non-application in the time of key measures, including the formation of a new government, comprising representatives of the southerners, as well as the reorganization of the military forces.

In April, the Yemen reported its first case of new coronavirus, in the Hadramaut, a province in the south controlled by the government, which fears a spread of the disease COVID-19.

At least 21 people have been killed in flash floods this month, when the streets of Aden have been submerged and houses destroyed.

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