Yevhen KONOPLYANKA: “Wife says I get carried away”

Евгений КОНОПЛЯНКА: «Жена говорит, что меня иногда заносит»

The midfielder of Shakhtar Donetsk, Yevhen Konoplyanka told about their emotions after returning to Ukraine: – the Ukrainian League is interesting or it is really a sad sight?– I came back Home. I miss Ukraine. Maybe after some time, change my mind, not exclude it. But now I get the pleasure of a trip to any town or village. – It can be emotionally difficult to tune in to the matches of the championship of Ukraine, where three apples at the stadium, playing pranks and those who came for Konoplyanka?– While the mood is. Then again, maybe in a year or two, if I win here all that is possible, will respond differently. – When the last time you were off? Who was that coach, wife, parents?– Yes, who can I blame?! I can only improve. Wife knows I’m with nature. She makes a remark, but not cursing. I better not to push, and correct. – Last book you read?– Read one of the works of Agatha Christie. Half just read. Hard way, because all the time I was thinking, which team will go. I went to the Park to read, to escape, but nothing came of it. Letters in one eye and flew through the other flew. When the head is restless, hard to concentrate. – Name five things that make you happy?– Children. Before, when there was of their children, and I was told how great it is and wonderful, thought – say, what are you talking about. Believed people thus earn a plus sign to appear good parents. Now, having two kids already speak like them. Parents speak the truth. They love and appreciate their offspring. Go ahead. Parents, of course. Football. What else? They say the family must be fed. Therefore, the Finance is also doing the weather. Money is important in any case. Need to enough. And fifth is my home. This is the place where nice to come back. – What traits would get rid?– To be able to feel when it is time to stop. I know I don’t like people who talk a lot or who say stupid things. – Ever been drunk three sheets to Wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and remember: “This is yesterday I made”?– We are all human. All those moments were. More details? Not to the public. – You are already mentally try on a blazer. coach?– Before. Many people ask the question, what’s next, and not to think to me about the business… I say to all: “Calm down, appreciate today. No fuss”! Of course, there are advanced people, who make plans for years ahead, and all that they have going on as planned. But I think this person needs to be born. I enjoy it and enjoy today! I was thirty, and snap my fingers you know it, years will fly by. After Spain I realized how important a day in which we live, and how to enjoy it! Maybe a year or three I’ll start to make plans for the future. – Open us some of his secret!– I did even Instagram not spread, and give you a mystery (laughs). I will answer this. I get carried away. My wife makes a comment – say, I something said or expressed in a rough form. She know better, although I may feel differently. I will listen, ponder, rethink and fix it. It is important to look at ourselves with different eyes. This is the question of character. All have disadvantages. You need to eliminate them. And the secrets I don’t like to tell. This is my inner world, my life and about me and my family. That spread on Instagram, and read my little secrets.

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