Yoga for eyes: simple exercises to improve vision

Йога для глаз: простые упражнения для улучшения зрения

My eyes get tired from the constant work with monitors? Only five to ten minutes a day and simple exercises to improve eyesight, selected by experts from Yoga Journal, can get rid of vision problems in the future.

Many age-related vision problems arise due to the loss of elasticity and tone of the eye muscles. Eyes accustomed to certain patterns of behaviour (when we constantly perform familiar movements, not bringing anything new) and lose the ability to focus on objects that are from us at a great distance.

Ophthalmologist William H. Bates, which belongs to the development of non-pharmacological method of recovery, claimed that can improve vision rotation of the eyeball, shift focus, look from the near to the far object and Vice versa, light pressure on the eyes. Exactly the same exercises give their wards at the Sivananda yoga Vedanta Center in new York.

Sivananda yoga method of teaching Hatha yoga developed by Indian yogi-practitioner, physician and spiritual teacher Swami Sivananda.We underestimate the amount of energy that the body spends on vision. To the processing of visual information takes approximately 40% of the resources of the brain, four of the twelve cranial nerves are exclusively designed for vision, while for the cardiovascular or the digestive system select only one. So our eyes really tired.

Do not forget that the brain also has a higher load. Our retina is from 80 to 110 million rods and about four to five million cones that perceive light. A billion images is created every second, and it all goes to the processing in the brain. He is not able to cope with such a flow, therefore, selects only part of the images you will see. Also it is from the brain will depend on the level of clarity of the picture. For example, if you get bored, the mind can give the command eyes to see, so as not to waste precious resources.

Therefore eye exercises are important not only for relaxation of the eye muscles, but also for mental relaxation.

Basic exercises for eyes

Swami Srinivasan, Director of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in Catskills, at the beginning of class gives beginners a few preparatory poses that help you relax, tune in to work mentally and to prepare the body for exercise. This is usually Savasana (Corpse Pose) and Sukhasana (Easy Pose — when sitting in Turkish). Students then move to working with the eyes promoting eye care.

These exercises help to relax the eyes, if you work at a computer or reading (prolonged focusing on near objects).

Moreover, any of the yoga asanas, which stimulate the circulation in the face, neck and shoulders, help our eyes to relax and energize.

Exercise # 1

Sitting in easy pose, imagine in front of a dial. The head and neck are fixed, the body is relaxed. Turn the view on for 12 hours imaginary dial, hold for a few seconds, and look at six hours, holding his gaze for a few moments. Repeat 10 of these approaches, trying not to blink. Be sure to follow the immobility of the head and neck during the exercise. When done, RUB the palm of your hand, that they were warm, and place on the eye without pressing eyeballs. Relax your muscles and focus on your breathing, after spending a little peace and relaxation.

Exercise # 2

Continuing to sit in the same position, open your eyes, find it on your dial nine o’clock, hold your gaze for a few seconds and turn for three hours. There’s also a need to linger. Follow these 10 approaches, and then try the rest.

Then do the same moves diagonally first from two to seven hours and back, then from eleven to four hours. Complete cycle in circular movements first clockwise, then in the opposite direction.

Each exercise is performed ten times, and ends a short rest with an overlay on the eyes with warm palms.

Followed by exercises with the switch focus.

Йога для глаз: простые упражнения для улучшения зрения

Exercise # 3

Sitting in a calm and relaxed state, select a point away from you and focus on her gaze. Extend your arm and place your thumb directly under this point. Turn the gaze on the tip of your finger, then focus on her. Repeat 10 times and relax your eyes, placing them in the palm of your hand.

In this exercise, you are training the ciliary (ciliary) body, which controls the operation of the lens of the eye.

Exercise # 4

Locate a point or object away from yourself and focus on it. Glance for a few minutes and put it on another object the same distance in your field of view. Will look at it and move on. Try to explore all the space around them, gently shifting his gaze from one point to another. The main thing that they were approximately the same distance from you. Then close your eyes and relax for a few seconds.

Exercise # 5

This exercise also shift focus. Extend your arm forward and focus your gaze on the tip of the thumb. Start slowly moving it towards the tip of the nose, without lifting your finger from the view. Then slowly move the finger from the nose, returning the hand to its previous position. Repeat the exercise 10 times, then relax your eyeballs, placing them in a warmed-up palm, but this time a bit longer (five minutes). It will be a nice completion of the charging to the eye.

Don’t forget about the health of your eyes, care for them and take care of. After all, they have very important and responsible mission — to allow us to see the world in all its splendor.

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