You are nothing to him – if he is married! Here are 6 brutal truths about the relationship with a married man

Вы для него никто – если он женат! Вот 6 жестоких истин об отношениях с женатым мужчиной

No married man does not want to change one wife for another. He may swear you love to write passionate text and to be very gentle, but all he wants from you is ek and raising self-esteem. You are no more than just a toy.

If he is married and cheating on his wife with you, you for him — the “other” woman. You are the only one he’s sleeping. And it is happy.

1. He was satisfied that you come to him, and then go home.

He had no obligations in front of you. You are a great option to easily and pleasantly to spend time.

2. It is satisfied with what he can get from you what he needs.

In other words, he is just using you. You give him AK, flatter his vanity and make him feel special. Why would he change something?

3. It is satisfied with what it can NOT spend with you all the time.

If a man really loves you, he will find a way to be with you all the time. He will buy you gifts, pay for you and help you to solve your problems. But instead he returns to his wife, spends time with her and buys her gifts.

4. Everything he does, he does for himself.

He does Cam with you because he likes it and because you cannot do it. After he sends you home or he goes home to his wife because it is convenient.

5. Your communication is full of mysterious sadness.

Of course, it needs to be as concise as possible, because it is difficult to remember all that he tells all his mistresses.

6. It will change you.

If by some miracle you did manage to destroy his marriage and separate him from wife, you can be sure: it will change you. The thing is only that the forbidden fruit is sweeter. Cheaters know this better than others.

So, girls, if you managed to meet the man for which you are the only one who wants to be near you all the time – appreciate it! If you don’t appreciate a decent man, he will be forced to assert himself with other women.

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