“You are servants of the people, and the shame of the people!” The farmer responded emotionally to the people’s Deputy Kisaku about the sale of land

"Вы не слуги народа, а позор народа!" Фермер эмоционально ответил нардепу Кицаку насчет продажи земли

The network got an emotional performance of the Ukrainian farmer Sergei Vahnjuk in which he criticized the adoption in first reading by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the sale of land. The farmer expressed outrage, referring to 27-year-old MP from the “public Servants” Bogdan Kitaku, which supported the bill. The incident occurred in the Berdychiv district, Zhytomyr region.

“A week ago you told us that you don’t support such a law, how can so brazenly had to go and cheat! You say that people want to sell, and Ukrainian can buy? Here the key question is: who will buy?! Today barbers, cooks, hell, adopt a national law! You are far from servants of the people, you shame people,” said the farmer Sergey vahnjuk.

“Today the tenant gives a bag of potatoes for the land owner, shame on you. We are the locomotive of the economy, who trampled on the locomotive. I have loans for 10 million what market I’m going, what auctions, I’ll go to the auction with MHP… billions Kosyuk to the auction?. In the law, which you took, not a single word about us, the farmers,” said farmer.

He also angrily commented on the fact that the new government is spreading rumours about the low rent that farmers pay to the owners of the shares.

“You are a disgrace to the whole world that the farmers for a bag of onions and renting the land? Where did you see that? Come take a look. No power we were so humiliated as humiliated you. As we did not like Poroshenko, but this was not. We were given subsidies. Yesterday we congratulated each other, then you know what was the slogan? If we survive this power, we will live. You good things to hear?.. We’re just using the chance to convey to the Deputy, which they ugly made a decision”- was indignant farmer.

“It’s a shame, you know, just a shame that you do today. If you just don’t understand, come and tell: “Guys do you explain this, this and this”. And we’d explain it to you. And you promised us that you will not vote and so meanly went and clicked the wrong button. Shame! What about you give us the Lenin of today tell you what kind of communism? Shame! I just you all four are invited, come join us at the farm, we’ll show you. Not a sack of potatoes, you are embarrassing us all over the country. And we’ll show you how we live, what we build. We will discover that we have each loans. Who promonitorit, as today tenant loans? Someone did that? What credit load at the. We bought these expensive cases, buying on credit, in order to put the person in a comfortable environment, because there’s no one to plow. Europe did very well. Europe said, “come on forest, let the earth give your labor, and you keep the quota. Give us the liberal market, and you keep the quota,” added the farmer.

In his criticism of the representative of the “public Servants” was only able to add that in the second reading the bill on the sale of land will make a difference.Video: Denis Zaremski

Previously, “Country” wrote that the Odessa regional Council asked Zelensky, Rada and the Cabinet to prevent the sale of land.

We also reported that the IMF mission left Ukraine without the result of Kolomoisky and the land market.

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