You can easily distinguish the gray mouse from truly self-confident woman-a lioness? Easy!

10 things that never makes confident woman.

Чи можна без праці відрізнити сіру мишку від по-справжньому впевненої в собі жінки-левиці? Легко!

Among the signs of the women’s confidence stands out and the special way of communicating with others and ability to find common language with them, and even gait. While confident in themselves and their abilities, the lady knows: rod firmness and confidence that is developing (or lost) within each of the women.

Confident woman does not compare herself with other women

Confident woman will never envy others, and a sense of rivalry for her someone else. She’s enjoying herself, appreciates and loves himself. Comparison, the pursuit of the ideals and soul-searching – not her features. The woman-the lioness knows that she is beautiful, informs Rus.Media.

Confident woman not looking for happiness in other

In other words, a confident woman does not depend on external factors. Either from circumstances or from other people. If she wants something, takes it and gets it. This lady knows exactly what happiness and all data for all purposes, is inside each of the women.

A confident woman is not talking in vain

Unlike girls say, confident woman not looking for reasons and topics for idle chatter. She just becomes the center of conversation, the soul of the company.

Confident woman does not chase fashion

Confident woman will never chase the fashion, will not buy, like crazy, the latest collections of famous designers and couturier raspiarennyh.

It has its own style, its own sense of taste that it improves and develops. Even if somebody is there with the cover of a glossy magazine dubbed her coat old-fashioned, she will not refuse him.

A confident woman does not blame others

The woman-a lioness will never shift the responsibility or blame on other people or circumstances. To admit a mistake? Just. To apologize? Even easier!

Confident woman is not concerned only about how it looks

Mirror for self-confident woman – not a means of finding faults. She understands that it is always and everywhere to look doll – is not only useless, but an empty wish. Her inner world – her wealth, than wearing bright lipstick and a sparkly dress.

A confident woman is not jealous

As already noted, certain women have a sense of envy. But the opposite quality: the ability to rejoice and marvel at the achievements and successes of others, perfectly describes the character of female lionesses.

Confident woman is not concerned about what do not worry

One more thing, which will never burden himself and his life, the woman is sure – resentment. Comments or criticism is food for thought, but not the reason for inflated cheeks.

A confident woman is not lying

A confident woman have the mental abilities to not discuss any opportunities of others. She understands what it’s really like to talk a lot, and to touch other people’s bones is not her passion.

Confident woman not looking for approval

And only does what it sees fit to do. Approval and praise – not what is looking for a confident lady. After all, she’s really confident!