You have been warned …

Russia is a country very friendly. She warns in advance about all the possible consequences. And it’s nobody’s fault that the US is now forced to engage in outright robbery, and their former allies strengthen Russian power, and all this against the backdrop of the robbery of the Russian capitalists abroad.

Вас предупреждали …

Let’s start with looting. 15 years ago President Putin said Russian oligarchs: think again! It is not necessary to invest abroad, make your money, even ill-gotten, spinning in Russia. And after 2014, when started this sanctions and information war the collective of the West against our country, there was an understanding that cannibalize will, and not here. Was the Amnesty of capital, was recently “Belousov list” and “list Titova”. Was the mysterious death of Berezovsky, deprivation of British citizenship Abramovich, weaning departmenti – everything was.

Deripaska did not understand and now lost the property for $42.5 million, and how many more arrest of other assets – one Trump known. And because he recently suffered, was forced to withdraw from the Board of Directors of En+, the shares of “RUSAL” fell, the workers feared for the future of the companies – no, hell Deripaska did not understand. Well, there is a road, you have been warned.

Turkey has officially refused IMF loans. But trump also warned that his aggressive policy of sanctions would lead to no good! However, he probably was counting on it, but Oh well.

In the same piggy Bank is announced by China’s massive sale of us treasuries is the second in the current year. And this is only the beginning, the war duties in full swing. And it also warned, told that it is not necessary with comrade XI joking, and especially the trade war to unleash. China is objectively stronger, there used for a bowl of rice to work and live in shacks, but will withstand such conditions an ordinary farmer John from Kentucky – BA-alshoy question.

And Ukraine warned that the country will collapse of its Maidan did not believe it. And when the site potential victims of the Kiev radicals is Minister of foreign Affairs of NATO member Hungary, which purely by chance in Transcarpathia has a large Diaspora and sly makes the local Hungarians Hungarians the Hungarian passport it is talking about? Ultimately Transcarpathia will go to Budapest on the outcome of the referendum.

India even said that they understand popadanie under American sanctions because of purchases of Russian weapons, but I also understand that India do not care deeply for it with a high steeple. But it warned, it is not necessary with the BRICS countries to joke – we are many and we are strong.

Warned the West about the adverse implications of the destruction of Libya. And now, the British secret services, saying that Moscow will now make the once beautiful country of its zone of influence to control migration flows and thus to exert pressure on the West.

I don’t know what there is we supply the Caliph Haftarot, the military leader of Libya, but clearly has leverage. And leverage on Libya is control of Libyan oil that in USA minus and plus Russia.

It is evident that the foreign policy leadership of our country in every possible way tried to avoid confrontation with our Deripaska, and with Western intelligence agencies. But since the bear just woke up, and even of the den, pulled – blame yourself.

Valery Usachev

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