You have tasted the pasta of Roberta (and you loved it)

Roberta (g.) and our player Khalil C. share a plate of ravioli — S. LEBLANC / 20 MINUTES

In Roberta, this is Michele, his son, who welcomes the guests and serves them with bread and olive oil, history of wait… The meal will not begin prior to the visit by rule of the workshop of fresh pasta and the store built at this trattoria in paris.

On the shelves are exposed to some of the best tomato sauces, olive oils, cheeses or cold cuts from Italy. “The quality of the product, there is it real “, points out Roberta. Just a lack of coffee, “but I work there and it will not be long…,” warns Michele.

Roberta, our player Khalil C. and Michele S. LEBLANC / 20 MINUTES


Formed by the specialist cake Fiorella Conca, Daniela officiates in the kitchen : making and cooking pasta, that’s his business…

The small ravioli stuffed with Roberta – P. MONETTA
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Then comes the long-awaited moment of tasting. Michele takes place alongside Khalil, our drive engineer selected for his love of Italy : he ” grew up in Menton “, a few kilometers from the border and knows the Italian for ” to have learned LV2 “. This gives him the opportunity to exchange three words in the language of Dante with Roberta, who joined us at the table.

In perfect mamma Italian, it is she who we serve, sprinkle some of the plates of parmesan cheese (the gnocchi, bolognaises etc.) and other non (cheese on seafood, mostly not).

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An improbable parade of fresh pasta, more succulent than the others, this Tuesday at @robertarestaurant with Khalil C., a reader of @20minutesfrance. • • • #food #pasta #pasta #pasta #genovese #Piemonte #Bologna #Genova #Roberta #Fiorella #Italian #tagliatelle #taglierini #gnocchi #pansoti #ragu #noci #walnuts #nuts #montmartre #paris #trattoria

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A meal at Roberta looks like a ballet of plates and forks. And the knives ? “What…” asked Michele. No spoons either. “Or so for the service,” says the son of Roberta.

A beautiful antipasti plate

To wait during the cooking of pasta, a nice plate of antipasti : bresaola, mozzarella, bell peppers in the oven, neighborhoods grilled artichokes, (amazing) green tomatoes stuffed… (26 euros). Roberta serves as a convivial kitchen that is shared. And this is true with the fresh pasta that we’re going to test the card, in small portions, but in its entirety.

  • Gnocchi with sage butter, pine nuts toasted (12 euros). Roberta does not understand the passion of his son for “the crunchiness of the pine nuts,” as he says. The important thing for it is to ” keep this recipe its authentic character “. “Mom, we’re not in Italy, recalls Michele. We crossed the border “. And let’s face it, pine nuts, toasted added to the sage butter and parmesan cheese, the gnocchi, “it is excellent,” notes our reader Khalil C.
  • Small ravioli stuffed with fish, garlic, olive oil and chili pepper (€13). Succulent with its false air of accras. More statements than other pasta of this selection, we will have taken care of the keep for the end.
  • Tagliatelle with beef stew (15 euros). The real bolognaises are there and they are extra ! “I feel like I have Bologna in the mouth “, says Khalil.

    Roberta (g.) and our player Khalil C. share a plate of ravioli – S. LEBLANC / 20 MINUTES


  • Ravioli of stracciatella ice cream, lemons of Sorrento and olives taggiasche (16 euros). “While eating raw during the visit, I had a limit to tears,” recalls our drive. In fact, the taste of lemon cream was better before cooking. “This is still very good, but the olives dominate a little too much. “
  • Pansoti ricotta and spinach, walnut sauce (16 euros). If we had not to try a plate, it would be this one, for its walnut sauce that brings the sweetness and extends to the infinite flavors of these pansoti. “There, I am transported, races, Khalil. It is a slaughter.”
  • Taglierini with mushrooms of the season (17€). Or truffles, or mushrooms, but pretty small mushrooms, ” very well seasoned and explode in the mouth “, speaks to our drive that holds as its ” favorite “.
  • Linguine with ink of cuttlefish, tomato sauce, mussels and clams (18 euros). A great classic. “With these pastes, we can see the sea, dream Michele. We believe in Portofino… “
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It is the effect that gives the map of Roberta, highlighted by an inevitable affogato al caffè (ice nougat, espresso, 9 euros) for dessert. His trattoria nestled in a quiet street on the Butte Montmartre, this is Italy in the heart of Paris.