“You have to live day by day and stay in solidarity”, said a Québécoise living in Italy

«Faut vivre au jour le jour et rester solidaire», dit une Québécoise vivant en Italie

Having seen neighbors die because of the COVID-19, a Québécoise living in Lombardy, in the north of Italy, has some advice for the people of his native province.

“You have to live day by day and stay supportive, said Manon Béland in an interview with LCN, Sunday. We stop thinking about tomorrow.”

She lives in an area particularly affected by the epidemic where the dead are counted by hundreds.

“Sometimes, we have good news for someone who is in good care and that is probably going to get out of it, she said. There are more and more young, people in their fifties who are in the intensive care. There are plenty of opportunities.”

She stressed that “nobody should come out to less than 200 meters from his house, to less essential things like the grocery store, and pharmacy”. Those who come must have proof of their place of residence.

Manon Béland said that at the beginning of the instructions, the distance between the people was not respected by the Italians.

The one who has a son does not know how the young people are going to get through this crisis.

“This is a test for them. We are going to see in the future how they will keep score of everything,” she mentioned.

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