You will not be respected as a woman, if you do these 7 things

Вас не будут уважать как женщину, если вы делаете эти 7 вещей

As said Vasily Klyuchevsky: “the Man loves usually women who are respected, a woman usually only respects the men he loves”. And so it is. The nature of men that love and respect are paired together. And if a girl wants to be loved, the respect we need to take care of first.

Item No. 5 ignore 80% of women!

1. Not to be a girl Yes

Men tend in the majority to respect those who have their own opinion even if it contradicts their own. The girl who agrees with everything no offers or no say man, is unlikely to cause him deep feelings.

2. Don’t get drunk

Yes, men on this account, the double standards. If any of their comrades getting drunk in the trash, they’ll just say it later — have a good time, but an inebriated woman, and even in a public place — for them the shame, disgrace, and generally humiliating spectacle.

3. Do not jump into bed with the first comer

*KS on the first date is the surest way to start a relationship with disrespect. The truth is that men don’t appreciate what you got them the easy way. The more effort to the conquest he makes, the more he appreciates his girlfriend. And, the longer they wait for this moment, the more they will respect her for her principles and intelligibility.

4. Don’t lie

Honesty is the key to any healthy relationship. A small lie, as we know, breeds resentment. And destroys the precious trust. Any lie sooner or later will come back to you like a boomerang.

5. Do not complain about the former

Here is all at once: and checking for lice and honesty girl, and banal male solidarity. And whatever the bastard was not your ex, it is important to understand the point at which to say anything dangerous. Is better to confine a few words — honest, and exhaustive. Otherwise, he will think that in case of rupture you will about him, so to speak, before the new boyfriend.

6. Don’t flirt with other

It is not only jealousy. The fact that overt flirtation will bring you unwanted fame, but as a cuckold will look at it. It’s, you know, no male pride will not stand. And then, if you he will see the girl “facilitated behavior”, he is unlikely to begin to respect you.

7. Be lady

Lady is the Supreme embodiment of Woman. Do not pretend to be her boyfriend, behave casually or rattle “steel eggs”. Tenderness, femininity, purity — the qualities that never cease to be the men, even if they never admit it.

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