You will pass “the postman” owners. As has got on a bribe the employee of the Bank and if he can lead the leadership of the national Bank

Сдаст ли "почтальон" хозяев. Как попался на взятке сотрудник НБУ и выведет ли он на руководство Нацбанка

The Detainee Eugene Piskotin. Photo: Alexander Barabashka/Facebookthe scandal erupted yesterday after the arrest of an employee of the national Bank, the security service operatives, if it is not closed at an early stage can have far-reaching consequences for the leadership of the NBU, according to respondents ‘Country’ financiers.

According to sources in the banking sector, chief specialist of Department of ensuring activity of the NBU Eugene Picotin for $40 million (with this sum he was detained) promised to negotiate a license with the Director of Department of licensing of the National Bank Alexander Bevz.

And then there are two versions of events.

First of Piskotin will give a confession about his connection with Bevz, and possibly with other leaders of the NBU.

The second will take all the blame, they say with anyone about anything not agree, and tried to raise people “kozyra” their ties in the national Bank.

“They say that Piskotin personal caretaker/”the postman” first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Kateryna Rozhkova. Tell Piskotin, and Bevz — person, close to Katerina Viktorovna. Usually these people do not betray their masters and take the blame on themselves, even under threat of imprisonment. Because they know that their financial thank, and employment after release. And maybe even “otmazhut” from landing. Lay the first person means guaranteed to stay with the wolf ticket and no money. So the story is sure to end with recognition Piskotin that he lied about his abilities to push the license because I wanted to make,” — said the head of one of the banks.

However, there is another version.

Law enforcement officers reported that NBU employee received a bribe for the provision of General foreign exchange license of a financial company who wanted to do cash valyutoobmen: with $40 thousand took it yesterday and another $10 thousand he was to receive for the implementation of the agreement — obtaining a license.

Tell that the detention of Poskotina has been denounced by the company itself. Supposedly Alexander Bevz specifically put a spoke in the wheel with a license, preparing the ground for corruption, after which Eugene Picotin promised to solve the problem for $50 thousand.

Previously, the Country had reported on the corruption schemes in the NBU, which can be used Bevz.

Sources of “Country” in law enforcement bodies say that the version of the bundle Poskotina and Bevza do will be considered. Moreover, it is not a single signal.

And in Bevza impact can be cause and on his head – Rozhkova. Especially because she has long (since the nationalization of “PrivatBank”) sharpens the tooth of an influential oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, which may give it the required acceleration.

By the way, the story is very reminiscent of the resonant scandal more than two years ago, which was associated with arrest of the Director of Department of payment systems of the National Bank Sergei Shatsk on charges of receiving a bribe of $35 thousand from OOO “ay Ti Finance” owning 24nonStop payment system (payment terminals). There was also a denunciation of platnikov. And in this case it was also about getting natsbankovskih license, although other money transfer in UAH without opening an account.

In banking circles there are rumors that soon the authorities will do everything possible to reduce the corruption income of the NBU management, to reduce their motivation to keep this place.

“To nazbekov not strongly resisted when they are asked from the NBU. In 2019 they definitely not moved, it will happen a little later. You need to prove to the International monetary Fund is that no one encroach on the independence of the banking regulator. And, of course, get under a new Memorandum with the IMF, the signature is not temporary managers, and a stable of top managers. Then they can be replaced. Somewhere closer to March-April of 2020. And, not to put to shame from all national Bank fell swoop, and to do everything that they are gone. They will make the case, conduct searches, all that is required. I don’t think that will be something to think hardly. Just going to catch on real corruption, which thrives there. And, by the way, can not do it publicly, as Piccatiny and quietly. Collect new dirt and raise the old, and will be resignations. With the words, “we have fulfilled our mission in the NBU,” — said the Chairman of the Board of a Bank.Nikolai Bogdanovsky

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