Young companies in Quebec want a relaxation

De jeunes entreprises de Québec veulent un assouplissement

The shops of Quebec, who have seen the light of day in recent months, hoping strongly for a relaxation of the criteria of the loan program of$10 Million.

To avail the loans, businesses must exist for at least a year.

However, this condition penalizes young companies. The $ 10 million from the government of Quebec, but the program is administered by the City.

“We opened on the 1st November. I was at a party and I had the wind in the sails. There, I see that I am not eligible for anything. I fall between the cracks “, if is sorry for Michelle Lichtenberg, owner of Us écochange, the first boutique to clothing exchange in Quebec city, located on the rue Saint-Jean.

This sector of the city was in the midst of being revitalized, and several new businesses have emerged in recent months.

“We try to survive “

Comparable Situation, “says Claudine Déry, co-owner of the restaurant, Blue marine, on the same street :” There was opened the 31st of December. First, we faced the busiest period of the year hollow. And now, we face the COVID-19. “

Ms. Déry and his spouse have had to lay off two cooks. They try to innovate by focusing on the takeaway. “We are trying to survive as we can, but we really have the neck rope. “

Despite this challenging situation, Claudine Déry hope that the criteria will be adjusted, and that trade can take advantage of the loans : “We remain confident in spite of everything. We will eventually check one of the boxes. “

The SDC (business development corporations) Montcalm and Saint-Jean-Baptiste have generally expressed their satisfaction with the financial assistance measures announced in recent days. However, they hope that the criterion controversial will be removed.

To the City, it is explained that the criteria of the emergency assistance programme are prescribed by the government.

It insists, however, that the other two programs to help (a loan of$ 5 Million and a grant of$ 2 Million) do not include the same limitations.

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