Your blood type is your destiny!

Identifying your blood type, we can use its potential, given to us from birth.

Ваша група крові - це ваша доля!

Our past, present and future depends on the blood group! Each blood group has a special, peculiar to it the type of immunity that determines the vital resources of man, nature, reports Rus.Media. Identifying your blood type, we can use its potential, given to us from birth. Blood is the path, meted out to us by fate, the main condition is to follow the desired path. Harmonizing its capabilities and boundaries, you literally can have an impact on the formation of a prosperous destiny.

Testimonies of scientists that human psyche and physiology are closely interrelated, dispel all doubt. We all have the same physiological device (abnormalities are not discussed): two hands, two legs, one heart, two lungs, one liver, and so on. And one head that is crowned with a male or female human nature.

The blood that provide vital activity of all organs and systems, also flows in the veins of each of us. And for all the perceived anatomic similarity significantly differ from each other primarily according to its biochemical composition.

Blood is a vital substance in the human body, carrying oxygen and nutrition to all cells of the body. This complex fluid composition reflects the biochemical features of the organism as a whole.

Scientists have long come to the conclusion that water molecules, because of their special structure, have a kind of memory and what fluid is the main carrier of information in nature. Water, which largely consists of our blood, connecting with other biological substances of the blood, is not just a carrier of information, but has in its composition a kind of coded message about the individual. This cipher can be described as a biological code that is at the molecular level, a kind of program of life and human development.

Of course we don’t like each other appearance, have different destinies, and the reaction of our behavior differ in different situations. It is suggestive that the information stored at the cellular level, may not be the same for everyone. It turns out that these ciphers misleading about who you are and what you are different from others. The bearer of the cipher is the blood.

Have you ever wondered why people appear differently in the same situations? Why are some people easily catch a cold due to the slight draft, and others I feel fit and healthy even during flu epidemics? One of us is more relaxed and sociable, and someone on the defensive, and prefers solitude. And sometimes our likes or dislikes the same people or circumstances are the same.

That the biochemistry of the organism is closely connected with human behavior and emotional state, the scientific world informs us systematically. We experience feelings, such as joy, fear, anger, admiration, indignation, love and hatred, certainly accompanied by changes in the biochemical reactions in the body. And if you are an optimist by nature, has a friendly and welcoming nature, it can be concluded that your body type is dominated by typical biochemical processes peculiar to such behavior.

Same things with taste and preferences when the same products one benefit, while others can cause is Allergy, which occurs when food is taken or not fluid related and even hostile in its chemical composition.

Our susceptibility or immunity to certain effects is determined by the immune system, which, in fact, is the ability of the human body to recognize foreign and reject it. And it is the blood responsible for immune system, since blood cell – this is cells of the immune system. The immune system as a medical term familiar to everyone, and probably has ever heard from doctors, do we have any allergic reactions to which any drug. But this term is valid not only at the level of physiology, but also on a psychological level.

Obviously, if one person has an optimistic nature, and the other often follows a pessimistic mood, this does not mean that one is surrounded by happy and joyful events and other persecuted all the troubles and misfortunes of civilization, that in some wonderful way excluded from the life of the first (the optimist). Of course, this is absurd!

Immunity on a psychological level also determines our susceptibility or immunity to external influences. Psychological stability causes a certain type of reactions to the surrounding reality, which appear to be a specific type of human behavior. Each person is peculiar reactions to environmental reality. Some of these reactions are fixed in the experience and become a regular to this human way of behavior in certain conditions. The combination of predominant human types of reactions there is nothing like his character. And the personality that expresses the relation of man to reality, always form a unique combination that is not a sum of separate traits, and a single, characteristic unit, different sides of which are interrelated.

Sow a habit, reap a character.

Sow the character, reap the destiny.

As already mentioned, each blood group has its own type of immunity, and therefore their basic characteristics acting on the body and personality in General. Blood also carries encrypted information about character of its owner. Your blood with its prescribed characteristics points you to your true essence, which requires the implementation and manifestation of himself. You need to understand that all of nature is optimal and it is extremely important to try not to distort his true program of life. So, your fate is in your hands.

Can change everything: life, destiny, character. But the blood given to us from birth, remains unchanged, it’s our code, which is not subject to disclose to anyone.

There are four blood groups, with different biochemical features. This fact was established by science in the early twentieth century. Worldwide four blood groups are indicated by symbols: I(0), II(A) III(B) IV(AB).

Blood group 0(I) is the most common on the planet – it flows in the veins of 45 percent of humanity.

A(II) blood group is predominant among Europeans – its carriers are about 35% of people.

B(III) blood group is less numerous – it can be found in only 13% of us.

AB(IV) blood group – the rarest on Earth, she found only 7% of people.

Each character corresponding to a particular group of blood, were laid in the process of human evolution, that is, historically.

The first group I(0) blood – the oldest. She called first, since first appeared on earth. All primitive people have appeared approximately 40 thousand years ago, had this blood type. At a time when our anthropoid ancestor, Neanderthal man was replaced by modern humans – CRO-magnon, other blood groups did not exist, they came later.

At the turn of a new era in the course of the conquests there was a mixture of peoples and the merging of blood, which led to the appearance of a man with IV(AB) blood group. It was a man, whose adaptability of nomads easily combined with discipline and poise farmers. To adapt to the complex conditions of modern life, one had to be quite versatile. He needed to be able to realize their abilities and talents, it was necessary not only to love and respect the neighbors, but not to fight for ourselves. People learned to communicate with different people, without losing their spirituality. All these qualities nature has generously endowed people with the fourth blood group. But I must say that people with a fourth blood group on the ground the least, and it’s harder for them to adapt to life than to speakers of other blood groups, because of their spirituality and rare sensibility is often in conflict with life’s reality. Evolution is not finished, and the fourth group of blood, least of all studied by science, continue to evolve.

Of course, in the process of human development has evolved and within each blood group. Are out of date within a certain period quality has varied more necessary in modern society. That is why modern people with a particular blood group is now a little reminiscent of primitive hunters and nomads. And after some digression into the history of the formation of each blood group can be safely concluded that the people who are belonging to a particular blood group with the corresponding type of the immune system, has its own pool of properties and characteristics accumulated throughout the existence of mankind.

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