Your favourite stars will compete on the track at the wheel of electric vehicles

As from 12 September, the TVA network will broadcast the show The Academy’s electrical Guide auto. To discuss, Frédéric Mercier and Germain Goyer have received the moderator Patrick Benoit to the issuance of the Guide the self on QUB Radio.

In order to present the tv show, Mr. Benoit said that “it is a programme about electric vehicles, but it is also a show that wants to be playful, that is to say that each week, I will receive a duo in the artistic field who will compete on the circuit Icar in Mirabel. […] It has installed barriers, it’s not just the points of the rope and turns to negotiate. This is very different to a race track traditional! And these artists will compete on board of electric vehicles.”

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During this episode, there was also the issue of a recall for engines EcoDiesel in FCA, the preview of the new Chevrolet Bolt, the end announced of the Mini Cooper Convertible and odour problems with the Hyundai Palisade.

The two facilitators have also delivered their impressions on the Ford F-250 and Ford Escape hybrid.

To close the show, Frédéric Mercier and Germain Goyer have said goodbye to the Volkswagen Golf that will not be marketed in North America in its regular version after 2021.

The Guide of the self, it is every Saturday at 10am on QUB Radio!

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