Your Hands Say: how are the Heart Line determines Everything In Your Life

Ваши Руки Говорят: то, как расположена Линия Сердца, определяет Всё В Вашей Жизни

Every person has its own unique pattern on the palms. Many lines beautifully intersect, creating interesting patterns. However, the aesthetics of the lines on the hands plays a secondary role. Because the palms you can learn about yourself a lot curious!

Palmistry not only helps to look deeper into your soul, but also can give the answer, how should a person behave in certain situations.

The palms is a great variety of curved lines. However, there are three main, which are called “ways”: Way of Life, the Path of Health and Soul Path.

The last line opens the door to the world of the human heart. It is located on both hands you can learn about yourself as much as never known.

Option # 1

Heart line on the left hand higher than the right.

Ваши Руки Говорят: то, как расположена Линия Сердца, определяет Всё В Вашей Жизни

This arrangement of the lines suggests that the owner of the palm – a man falls in love easily. However, it is not difficult to understand the rest if he has anything with this partner or not. This helps a great intuition and the ability to pay attention even to the smallest details.

People with this location of the path of Soul have passionate hot nature. They are quick-tempered, but as easily appeased. Nice to talk with them and not as pleasant to argue. Such people are able to provide solid arguments, and even in conflict situations, behave with dignity. Despite the above characteristics, people with such palms do not like to provoke a dispute and don’t like fighting.

Such people are usually married or getting married just for the big and mutual love. They do not forgive betrayal and do not like women, but because of a partner for life, I choose carefully.

It is important that the second half was romantic, responsive, easy to communicate – the same as they are. In addition, people with this Heart Line life based on their strong moral principles. From others they expect the same.

Option # 2

Heart line on right hand higher than the left.

Ваши Руки Говорят: то, как расположена Линия Сердца, определяет Всё В Вашей Жизни

People with this Line the Soul is very wise and very rational. They always rely only on yourself and your strength. Their main ally – the logic and arguments. Without them, these people do not join in disputes.

Partner for a loving relationship people with such palms choose quite pragmatic. However, the weaknesses or minor deficiencies of the second half they are treated with tenderness and tranquility. Patience and respect for their passion – one of the most important qualities of people with this arrangement the path of the Soul.

They can always rely on. They will come to help you at any time and will do everything they need.

The mind is the main weapon of these people. Most often they are balanced, calm, patient, but very exacting to itself. Often people with such palms are experiencing stress and depression due to the mismatch between their own expectations from himself. Nevertheless, they have obtained time to get myself together and back to normal life. All thanks to a strict self-control and the ability to analyze what is happening.

The main scourge of the people – a distraction. It never reaches the point of absurdity, but often an obstacle in everyday life.

Option # 3

Heart lines on both hands at the same level.

Ваши Руки Говорят: то, как расположена Линия Сердца, определяет Всё В Вашей Жизни

This combination of lines is considered one of the rarest. People with such location the line of the Heart have a very bad temper. They are kind, open, sincere, but at the same time touchy, emotional and quite vulnerable. Any careless word can be perceived in bayonets. This is because they all perceive to your account.

However, one of the advantages of people with such palms is that they are aware of its internal complexity. That is why these people appreciate the friends and loved ones, who no matter what remain with them until the end. People with sibling Lines of Soul will always be grateful to friends for support and always be ready for them.

The kindness and warmth in this person gets on with suspiciousness and lack of seriousness. However, such a person can be called positive and attractive. It is nice and easy to talk to, he is erudite and knows a lot, he knows how to listen and will never judge.

People with such palms make great friends and second half. In order to tame them, need a lot of effort because they have little trust. However, if a person deems you worthy of his confidence, in his face you can get a great friend and equally gorgeous partner in life.

Heart line – one of the most prominent and important lines on human palms. Professional palmists long ago gave her the leading role among a variety of tracks, interwoven in our hands.

Thanks to the path of the Soul to know himself and to know the mysteries of the personality of other people. Heart line helps to learn about attachment, about individual abilities and personal qualities.

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