Your lips tell you more about your health than you think

Your lips tell you more about your health than you think

Your lips tell you more about your health than you think

Lips are great for showcasing your favorite lipstick shade and kissing. But they can also tell you about some health problems.

Certified Dermatologist Dr. Annie Gonzalez says the environment can harm your lips and there are symptoms that could signal serious physical illness.

“While not every new symptom affecting your lips is necessarily a cause for concern, some serious illnesses manifest through the lips.” Gonzalez explains… “It’s a good idea to watch your lips to see if they change color, texture or size.”

When it comes down to it, your lips actually tell you more about your health than you think.

Lip anatomy

So, let’s get down to the little things: first we have to turn to the anatomy of the lips.

The skin of the lips is very thin, which allows for more visible blood vessels underneath. This is why our lips are pink or reddish.

To break things even further, there is two different types of skin on our lips… According to PMFA MagazineThe outer part of the lips that you apply lipstick to is called cinnabar. The inner, moist part of the lips is called the lip of the mucous membrane.

With this information in our pockets, we can immediately dive into it.

What dry chapped lips mean

Cinnabar does not have the sweat or sebaceous glands that the rest of our skin does. This is why the lips dry and crack more often than the rest of the body.

According to scientists, dryness and chapping are the most common symptoms of lips. Dr. Susan Massik, a board-certified dermatologist at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. She said dry lips usually indicate basic dehydration or extreme weather changes.

“When your skin lacks moisture, it becomes dry – the same happens to your lips, and they will appear dry and chapped,” says Dr. Massik. “Chapped lips can be aggravated when people bite or peel the skin from their lips, or often lick their lips to try to moisturize them. In fact, saliva does not wet the lips, but makes them drier. “

Drinking water and moisturizing them with topical ointment usually solves the problem. But there is also the possibility that allergies or contact dermatitis are the main cause of chapped lips. This is a fantastic science talk about an annoying external source.

“Lip-licking dermatitis can result from frequent licking and irritation of the skin with saliva.” said Dr. Massik. “Some people are sensitive to lip balm ingredients and this can lead to dry, red and irritated lips. People need to be especially careful if the lip balm they apply stings when they apply it – it can actually make the situation worse and cause inflammation. “

Herpes is incredibly common

Herpes is another incredibly common lip symptom.

According to World health organization, billions of people around the world have herpes, which means cold sores.

If you have herpes simplex virus, symptoms usually appear immediately after infection. It will then sit idle on your system. But stress, lack of sleep, sun exposure, lack of nutrition, or stress on your immune system can reactivate it.

When you start to feel a tingling sensation with a cold sore, talk to your doctor about topical medications or creams. You should also be aware that active herpes can spread the virus, so keep this in mind when cuddling.

Your lips tell you more about your health than you think

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Pay attention to the color of the pouting lips

Dr. Gonzalez speaks that the color of your pouting lip is very important.

If you notice that your lips are losing their reddish pink color, this could be a sign of vitamin deficiency. If your lips suddenly turn pale, it is most likely iron deficiency anemia. According to Johns Hopkins MedicineThis is when your blood cells do not have the necessary materials to make hemoglobin.

If your lips are blue, it could be a sign of anemia or heart disease. If they are yellow, you may have liver problems.

Simply put, if you see your lips change color, it’s time to see your doctor.

Many things can cause cracking

Cracks in the corners of the mouth are also very common. But if they never go away, chronic cracking could be due to a variety of reasons.

From vitamin deficiency before Crohn’s disease, constantly dry scaly spots on the lips tell you something. If they do not heal despite being hydrated and hydrated, see your doctor.

Burning lips can signal more serious problems.

If you don’t eat spicy foods and have burning lips, this could be a sign of a B-12 deficiency. It can also signal depression, anxiety, or menopause. The sun’s rays can also burn lips, so Massik offers using a moisturizer with SPF.

Swollen lips are cause for concern

If you are not injecting lip filler to make Kylie Jenner pout and your lips are swollen, this could be a sign of an allergic reaction. You may be allergic to certain foods or products that you use for skin care or makeup.

If you suspect that you are allergic to something, try different foods to find out what is the cause. If the swelling persists, talk to your doctor.

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