Your wish will come true candle – wolf messing

Wolf messing opened one of the rituals for fulfillment of desires.

Ваше бажання виконає свічка - Вольф Мессінг

How many wishes can have a person in the course of a day, month, year? And how many of them typed in a lifetime? And many wishes are fulfilled?

In fact, one can achieve any goal, but often enough our goals are pretty vague, so they remain forever in the role of dreams. But any dream can be turned into reality, it would wish! As they say, in order to gain wealth, you need at least to buy a lottery ticket, reports Rus.Media.

Think, how could a great people to succeed, if I didn’t believe in myself?

Among the living legends of our time there was a man of mystery, man is a magician, a student of Freud, wolf messing. He provided the major events of the story, healed the hopelessly sick, to unravel complex crimes.

Showing supernatural abilities of his power, through which he could control the will of the people. Despite this gift, he did nothing to harm others.

He once opened one of the rituals for fulfillment of desires. This recipe was written by the people at one of his performances. If you are ready to become a master of your own destiny — start!

Prepare a large candle and a pot filled with about a quarter of sunflower oil.

Nazarite on the candle with a needle my wishes, and then bathe it in a pan with butter.

Remove the candle, letting the oil drain out.

Then set it in the candlestick and light.

The candle should burn out before the end.

The melted wax that remains of the candles to be collected and folded into a small envelope which will be kept with you as a talisman, as long as the wish is fulfilled!

The main thing — to believe that nothing is impossible. Share this information with your family and friends.

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