You’re worse than your girlfriend? Scientists have good news for you!

2017-10-13 10:30

You’re worse than your girlfriend? Scientists have good news for you!
A new study showed that the visual unattractiveness of the partner has one big plus for the relationship.

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A study conducted in the Department of psychology at the University of Florida, confirmed what you’ve felt: so, you deserve a girl much more attractive than yourself, reports Rus.Media. Moreover, only a girl will make you happy. But here’s the thing.

Scientists from Florida under the direction of Dr. Tanya Reynolds has analysed the personal data of more than 200 newlyweds at the age of 20 years. The questionnaire dealt mainly with the eating habits of respondents, their daily procedures, grooming and overall attitude to their own appearance.

The results returned to the faith in a bright future, even the most unattractive residents of the University of Florida.

It was found that those women who think their men more attractive, was constantly dissatisfied with their own appearance. They sat on diets and exhausting your body fitness classes to match their more attractive man. Still, they are constantly tormented by the fear that this attractive person will meet someone more attractive.

At the same time, those women who were more attractive than their men, I felt completely happy. They do not torture yourself sports and diets and didn’t worry that their not-very-nice man will run away. That is being enjoyed by its stable relationships and high self-esteem.

So, next time you meet on the street incredible beauty next to the conventional type, do not be surprised.

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