YouTube introduces paid subscription for popular channels

Video YouTube has added a feature that will allow creators channels, with more than 100 thousand subscribers, to sell memberships to its fans. According to Bloomberg, this initiative was made by the top bloggers, for whom the only source of income on the platform were virtually advertising.

YouTube вводит платные подписки на популярные каналы

Some disenchanted YouTube stars have turned to such services like Patreon (a crowdfunding platform that allows you to collect money from fans – approx.ed). Others began to flirt with the competitors – Facebook and Twitch. Many of the top Twitch viewers already receive more money from subscription sales than advertising.

Thus, YouTube has minimized competitive threats. Service refers to the statistics: last year the number of help earning on the platform five-figure sum, has increased by more than 35%, and the number of channels with a six-figure earnings rose more than 40%.

Reportedly, the subscription will cost users $ 4.99 per month (about 130 hryvnia – approx.ed.). In return they will get access to unique emojis and exclusive content. The authors will receive 70% of the cost of the subscription after deduction of taxes. At the moment the Commission payment, including the credit card transaction, YouTube takes over.

According to Bloomberg, the subscription function is already available for certain channels dedicated to video games, and soon spread to thousands of others.

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