YouTube Rewind 2019: What I watched this year in Ukraine and the world

YouTube Rewind 2019: Что смотрели в этом году в Украине и мире

Google traditionally presented YouTube Rewind 2019 – a selection of the most popular videos of the year on YouTube in the world and Ukraine.

Since last year’s YouTube Rewind -2018 was the “zaliznychnyk” (about 17 million) production of no, the release this year began with an apology for last year’s failure and promises that this time things will be different.

This time the service was offered to the audience the statistics of the video with the most likes (copyright, music and dance), the breakthrough channels of years, popular authors and video games.

In particular, the greatest number of likes among the author’s collected video movie with the ironic title “Let it live will collect the most likes on YouTube” (Make This Video The Most Liked Video On Youtube), the music clip Señorita Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, dance — Con Calma from Daddy Yankee & Snow. The most popular game was Minecraft, and more total views (4 billion) collected blogger PewDiePie.

At the same time, the new approach did not save YouTube Rewind-2019 from the wave of criticism – her parents told me again much more than likes, and their number gets to around 2 million Users also mocks the treatment of the company in the beginning of the video.

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