YouTube the CHSLD

De YouTube au CHSLD

A Montrealer with a military training has swapped her popular YouTube channel for the chain of command of a CHSLD the time of the pandemic.

“I wear the uniform of the canadian armed Forces (CAF). I wear the Red Cross. It would have been hypocritical to say that I had working with my company for content creation, ” says Jay Machalani, also known under the pseudonyms Jayaddict and Technofou on the social networks.

On April 22, Quebec has called for the help of 1000 military to support the nursing staff in NURSING homes the most violently affected by the COVID-19.

Without waiting, the one who has nearly 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and 53,000 on Instagram volunteered. He filed his camera youtubeur and donned his military uniform.

Military 100 %

“It saddens me to not be able to tell of the good work that is done in NURSING homes the social networks. But in this moment, I am a military 100 % “, argued the youtubeur 26-year-old.

With his girlfriend Catherine Francoeur, also youtubeuse, he runs a company creating content that has been paused the time of his mission.

“I’m a mixture between a paramedic combat and auxiliary nurses, but with a weapon in the hands “, explains the soldier Machalani, sworn in by the FAC in July 2015, and become a medical assistant in 2019.

As at the front ?

The Operation Laser – the response to the pandemic CAF – is the first mission of the military.

Twelve hours a day, he plays the role of attendant to the beneficiaries at the CHSLD Vigi Reine-Élizabeth, in the west of Montreal.

One who is trained to take care of the injured under the fire of the enemy is believed that this first mission is a ” very special “. And when he returns home, he admits that he has been more “important” on the ground that to make photos for Instagram “.

When the army landed at the CHSLD towards the end of April, “it was a shock,” he said. But the administration was open to our expertise. “

On its floor, M. Machalani follows the instructions of his captain, who is also a nurse. It gives basic care to the patients and maintains a presence with them. “The majority of the military do not have medical training. But with their arms, it helps to move a patient, ” he joked.

“Here, we help residents who are in need of attention,” continues the soldier. They were afraid, stuck in their room. They listen to the news like everyone else. I come from the entertainment field, I do everything to make them laugh. ”

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