Yulia Chicherina: After the war in the Donbas, it became clear who is who

Юлия Чичерина: После начала войны в Донбассе стало понятно, кто есть кто

Julia Chicherin. Photo: Denis Grigoryuk.
Yulia Chicherina among the Russian musicians — the greatest friend of Donbass. With the outbreak of war she comes here regularly gives concerts at the front, in front of soldiers and widows, not advertising it and not flaunting it. Performing at the Donbass SBU announced wanted by Chicherin, accusing it of infringement of integrity of Ukraine. Donbas is inspired by and is dedicated to him, many military songs of Yulia Chicherina, the clips which are recorded here, in the besieged region. Last week Julia Chicherin came once again in Donetsk, gave several concerts in Donetsk Philharmonic with the Symphony orchestra of a name of Prokofiev, arrangements for which her songs were written by the famous Donetsk conductor and composer Danil Milka. In the audience there were no free seats at the concert, and to accommodate as many people as possible, organizers have put extra chairs between the rows. Julia has performed his earlier, cheerful and serene “Saucers”, “Tu-Lu-La” and military songs such as “Tear”, “On the frontline” and “My Stalingrad.” During the execution of the background footage documentary Chronicles the Donbass war and photos of the dead commanders, many of whom Chicherin was personally familiar. Concluded Julia for an encore, performing the song “Russian field”. The correspondent of the Colossal was able to talk with Yulia Chicherina for after the concert.

Юлия Чичерина: После начала войны в Донбассе стало понятно, кто есть кто

Photo: Kristina Melnikova/Colossal.— Julia, as the Donbass changed your life?— I learned a lot.

— Like what?

— To understand in many people, it became clear that how much. A crisis situation had happened before in my life, and they always put everything in its place. In a difficult situation you know who is who really. It is convenient. Better so when you begin to understand.

— You regularly visit the Donbas if it changed itself during the war years since your first visit?

— I used to come here in time of peace, many times been in Donetsk before the war. When the war started, there happened some kind of parallel universe. He has changed so much. There were no people, there was a curfew. During the war years also witnessed some changes, came back, many of those who initially left the city. Everything changes but the frame remains.

— The backbone of what?

— The people, the heroes, the military, the remaining civilians — women and children who have a hard inner core. I realized, already considered, perhaps, during the war.

Юлия Чичерина: После начала войны в Донбассе стало понятно, кто есть кто

Photo: Kristina Melnikova/Colossal.— Where people come when they are in Donetsk? Is there a required place to visit?

— Yes, it’s the “Donetsk sea” (the cemetery where buried the dead in the Donbas war, here was buried , Alexander Zakharchenko, the characters DNI Mikhail Tolstoy (“Givi”) and Arsen Pavlov (“Motorola”). Colossal).

— Here recently there was a broadcast where some of Moscow’s comedians allow themselves to mock the inhabitants of the DNI, over the call sign of the militias, in particular the call sign of the deceased Motorola. What do you think?

— God will judge them. People do sometimes stupidity due to ignorance. They need to sympathize.

— Where do you prefer to speak?— To speak here, in the Donbass, and to perform in Russia — is a completely different story. There is a leisure, entertainment, and then support people. At the forefront of these feelings become even more concentrated.

I saw in the eyes during a concert that you are going through each song on stage again. How you recover after performances as we return to ordinary life?

— Nothing, slowly coming back. But I’m emotional, I’m a woman.

— In the Donbass continue regular attacks. What would you like to say peace to the people living on the front line?

— Well what can we say to people, hardly any words are able to block their suffering. Do they not say “run”. They’re not gone, they remain. “Take care of yourself!” that’s what I would like to say to them.

Юлия Чичерина: После начала войны в Донбассе стало понятно, кто есть кто

Photo: Denis Grigoryuk.Cristina Mel’nikova, Donetsk

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