Yuri Nikitin: “the Attack on a group KAZKA – a planned black PR”

The producer said that the members of the group are regularly subjected to attacks in the Network.

Юрій Нікітін: "Атака на групу KAZKA - це спланований чорний піар"

On the eve of the second semi-final of national selection on “Eurovision” Ukraine, another scandal broke. This time the focus group KAZKA, which now received a great deal of negativity. Commented producer Yuri Nikitin, informs Rus.Media.

The news came in from favorite national selection of the group of KAZKA. So, these days to discuss the scandal with the alleged plagiarism of the song “Cry”.

Online found a track where it sounds like motive. Of course, many are talking about that “Cried” is a rip-off. And scandal of the situation adds to the time that the track beats records of popularity in Ukraine and world charts, and clip off numerous parodies.

Despite much hype surrounding the topic, the producer of the group, Yuri Nikitin in Instagram made an official statement and explained that “Crying” is not plagiarism, but the group itself was attacked by black PR.

Юрій Нікітін: "Атака на групу KAZKA - це спланований чорний піар"

“For several months now, we have to deal with a well-planned attack organized against a group of KAZKA: Dusseldorf, stories with bloggers, customized dislikes, hundreds of bots in the comments, even the flower in the video was the pretext for persecution. Turn came to the song “Cry”. Predictable! Disappoint. The song used a sample from the sound Bank, The Arabian Trap Man, which is, to all producers in the world. And it is not a sensation! Now about the main thing. It all wouldn’t matter, if not for one thing.”

According to Nikitin, the soloist of group Alexander zaritska began to receive many negative messages with threats:

Юрій Нікітін: "Атака на групу KAZKA - це спланований чорний піар"

Daily Sasha is under attack in the social networks and in real life, from humiliating jokes to threats in her address. I will not allow to offend the talented, vulnerable, sincere, Sasha neither envious, nor competitors, nor journalists, nor the organizers of this campaign of black PR.

So the second semi-final of national selection on “Eurovision”, which is now actively preparing group will see a huge army of fans of the band and everyone they care about anyway.