Yury Gorbunov told about the jealous wife

Юрий Горбунов рассказал о ревности жены

The question of how wife Ekaterina Osadchaya reacted to his “serial novel” Hope Meyher, which in “Great Vuiko” played a new love his character Ivan, Yuri joked:

“The first thing she asked: “And you have a scene where you kiss?”. I say, well it’s not, I wrote all the questions to the authors — this is all they came up with. “They can write that you haven’t kissed? And when will you film it, you better I don’t talk about this”.

The presenter also spoke about the difficult routine of the shooting, which took the whole team.

“We shot a scene of traffic jams on Andreevsky descent. It involved all the Hutsuls. On the street, then it was 37 degrees and we all in costume — a shirt, Zupan, hat, boots, trousers and a chunky belt. In that time, people on the street and I even went without shirts. And we were shooting the scene when everyone sits in an old car where the Windows closed and no air conditioning,” recalled Jura, reports Сlutch.