Zachary Richard is confined away from his mother in Louisiana

Zachary Richard se confine loin de sa mère en Louisiane

Proud Louisiana singer Zachary Richard is living through hard times in his home while he should remain in confinement away from his elderly mother.

“I’m in voluntary quarantine; I a mother of 98 years, so as a precaution I am moving away from it, which is really very painful, because it’s been a week that I have not seen my dear mother”, he confessed, Wednesday, in an interview with LCN.

“But, for the moment, everything is going well, we are all safe and well and we hope to go out of this turmoil, in not a long time,” he added.

The singer of 69 years, which ensures not have been found positive to the COVID-19, said not to take any risk while Louisiana is one of the States most affected by the epidemic. Living in the south-west of the State, it does not, however, in the area most hard hit.

“There is the city of New Orleans, who represents more than one-third of the population of Louisiana and it is here that the problem is the most difficult, he recalled. The health care of the city have been put to a hard test, but it was good news, because for two days, the mortality rate has come down and there are reasons to hope that we have reached the peak.”

That said, this epidemic revealed new problems of society more profound, stressed the singer.

“This is not a public health problem, it is also a problem of society, because 70 % of severe cases in Louisiana, this are Afro-Americans, he observed. There are communities that are most at risk, a concentration of poverty that is accentuated especially in New Orleans.”

“The COVID, this is a bit of the tip of the iceberg, in a way, because we have societal problems that have contributed to the disarray in which we find ourselves currently.”

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