Zakharchenko once again promises “superintensive Apple orchard”: laugh

Захарченко снова обещает «суперинтенсивынй яблоневый сад»: в сети смеются

Controlled by the occupation “authorities DNR”, “media” spreading “news” that the leader of “DNR” and “minagroproma” “expect the first crop of super intensive Apple orchard in the South of the DNI is expected in 2019”. Besides “the news” is accompanied by old photos, not even the appropriate season. This “news” amused the residents of temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk region.

Here’s what I learned “statements of Donbass” about the reaction to the statement “a super-intensive Apple orchard” the inhabitants of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk:
“Better roads were made and the enterprise was opened by the clown in Gorlovka at least one stadium built agronomist crappy”,

“Alexander, now the patriots will peck and accused ukrepite)))”,

“Roman, I didn’t. Look up there — which in five minutes exactly it will work, communism will come, will be the world recognized and Mars will be Apple blossom))”,

“Elina, it’s just funny to read this news that will already be a crop just where with same field? And even that was put in last year. This takes time. Yes if it is a little”

“As it is afraid of the word in comments to a photo — crash!!! I have the impression that the authors of the posts hold the idiots. Very often in the description of the video or photo use the words: no analogues in the world, super intensive, new technology, etc. AU the authors of the posts, we …, but not morons”

The stylistics and spelling of authors are saved.

Захарченко снова обещает «суперинтенсивынй яблоневый сад»: в сети смеются

Захарченко снова обещает «суперинтенсивынй яблоневый сад»: в сети смеются

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