Zakharchenko told how the priests and Levochkin staged provocation “onizhedeti”

Захарченко рассказал, как Попов и Левочкин устроили провокацию «онижедети»

The main customers of Euromayday in Ukraine was the oligarchs and they control the politicians of both the opposition and those who were in power, these ideas were implemented in practice. Said former interior Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko in an interview to
According to him, a provocation to the beating of students by law enforcement officials (“onizhedeti”), which began the active phase of the Maidan was held with the participation of various forces.

The politician reminded that the former at that time the head of presidential administration Sergey Levochkin and the mayor of Kiev Alexander Popov, in spite of all objections, for some reason, on 30 November at around 4 a.m. sent the utilities to set the design for the Christmas tree.

“And notice, ready at this time already was the crew of all the major TV stations and ambulances, that is, a carefully prepared provocation,” — says Zakharchenko.

But once the protesters began to interfere with public utilities, continued the former head of the interior Ministry, started a violent confrontation, when utility workers called the police.

“And here we have to start planning on the part of the organizers of the action “#onizhedeti” events. The police began throwing firecrackers, bottles, rocks, burning logs, provoking the use of force by Berkut officers”, — he said.

Zakharchenko noticed that during the riots were detained 35 people, mostly residents of Western Ukraine, whose average age was about 40 years, which allows us to speak about the alleged students.

“The dispersal of the Maidan” immediately became the top topic of the Ukrainian and world media, good quality filming their provided including Lyovochkin channel “inter”, said the politician.

And this gave rise to opposition to the creation of so-called “Headquarters of national resistance” and attacks on government buildings that followed on December 1, concluded the source.

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