Zakharov: only account it seems that everything was easy

Захаров: только по счету кажется, что все было легко

– The atmosphere is good, I liked it. As for the fans, we honestly did not expect it to be so loud. I was very pleasantly surprised. I want to thank all the fans that came and supported us. I hope more people would come.

– What the “Donbass” managed to win the champion of Serbia?
– Initially, we knew that the team weaker than us, but we did not underestimate them. We know how the team will play and find “keys” to the gate.

– Will not relax the team that the score was so devastating?
Is the only account it seems that everything was easy – in fact, it was a tough game. We have less than a day to recover. Therefore, all thoughts about the next game.

– What are your expectations for the future of games with the Champions of Latvia and Romania?
– Know the specifics of the tournament is that three games in three days. Therefore, for each game you need a good tune. But we’ll see.

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